Lollypop Gate The Official Version

Lollypop Gate was one of the biggest scandals to hit the UK Babe channel industry. It involved some of the biggest names and had far-reaching consequences for everyone involved. In this post, we uncover the story behind Lollypop Gate, what happened, who was involved, and the fallout from it all.

We also take a closer look at Amanda Rendell’s contribution to the scandal and her professional journey as a live babeshow legend. So buckle up and get ready for a gripping tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Lollypop gate

The Story Behind Lollypop Gate

Lollypop Gate was a scandal that made headlines for all the wrong reasons. It involved a group of individuals who were caught in a compromising situation, leading to their reputations being tarnished. The scandal involved people from different walks of life and caused quite a stir in the media. The aftermath of Lollypop Gate was significant, with many people facing legal repercussions and damage to their careers.

The story behind Lollypop Gate is one that shows how easy it is for even the most successful people to fall from grace.

By the mid-2000’s the relationship between the UK babe channels was becoming more fraught. A large number of channels had launched and the content was becoming harder. One channel starring babechannel Legend Jada had already lost its license from an Ofcom fine.

lollypop gate

UK The babechannels were broadcasting under a general Entertainment TV broadcast license. This license gave the babe channels a broad remit and Ofcom were struggling to regulate the industry.

Ofcom under took a consultation about the nature of Call TV (as the genre became known along with programmes such as Quiz TV) however a series of broadcast scandals involving major channels erupted in 2009. These cases had to be investigated and resolved before the new code could some into practice which delayed things.

Eventually the Babeshows would be classed as Telly shopping which has a much stricter code of practice and the wild west era of the babe channels was gone for ever.

BangBabes TV – the bad boys of the babe channels

Bang Babes: Four Years is a virtual rewind to 2010 and the much lauded era of Tease Me TV (Freeview Channel 98), and it evokes another sense of what a high-quality viewing experience the terrestrial night shows once were, thanks to the memory of @babe_tv. “GET READY…”

Amanda Rendell’s Contribution to the Scandel

By the mid 2000’s the first generation of Babe channels stars were moving on and a new generation started to come through. Top of the Babes was the scottish minx nicked named the A- Bomb Amanda Rendell.

Amanda started at Babestation and quickly became a big hit with the babeshow fans. Babestation biggest competitor at this time was the Camden bad boys Bang Babes. Bang Babes had been throwing money around and poaching a lot of the Babestation babes and it was not long before Amanda caught their eye.

Like a professional footballer Bang signed Amanda to one exclusive contract with big money. Amanda was over the moon and it might be fair to say it went to her head a bit.

The babe show forum was becoming more popular. Fans of the show were delighted by Amanda’s increasingly impressive performances egging her on to new heights.

Things came to a head in November.

Lollypop gate

Lollypop gate 25th Nov 2009

This is taken from the Ofcom broadcast bulletin announcing the breach of the broadcast code

“Bang Babes, Tease Me, 25 November 2009, 00:00 – 05.30 This broadcast also featured two presenters (the same who appeared in the Tease Me, 7 November 2009, 23:30 and the Tease Me, 24 November 2009, 22:00- 23:59 broadcasts). One presenter was wearing a skimpy pink thong, pink socks and pink fingerless gloves. Her pink bra was pulled down to expose her breasts. The other presenter was wearing a skimpy red thong and black fishnet stockings. Her black fishnet top was pulled down to show her breasts. During the broadcast the presenter wearing pink pulled the other presenter’s thong to the side and briefly but clearly inserted a lollypop into her vagina. The two presenters then sucked the lollypop. In addition, the presenters were shown bent over on all fours at various times, and due to the skimpy thongs they were wearing genital and anal detail was shown. The presenters touched and apparently licked each other’s genital and anal areas in a realistic way. The presenters were also shown: miming the insertion of an object into their anus; miming oral sex using their fingers and a phone; spanking each other; and licking each other’s breasts.”

Which resulted in the revocation of the Bang Media broadcast licenses.

Other breaches by Bang media.

The Fallout from Lollypop Gate

It did take Ofcom some time to investigate Lollypop gate and other breaches of the broadcast code by Bang Media they did eventually cast up with them and revoke their broadcast licenses, The Bang channels disappeared from the Sky EPG.

Coming as it did around the same time as the change in the broadcasting license lollypop gate has come to encapsulate the early buccaneering days of the babe channels

Bang was quickly replaced by Red Light Central who had been supplying a lot of the talent to Bang due to their involvement in the UK adult industry. Most of the babes moved to Red Light from Bang including Zarwood Danni Harwood and Lucy Zara.

Amanda Rendell’s Professional Journey

Amanda was one babe who didn’t move to Red Light, instead Amanda Rendall Babe Channel Gold launched her one online babe show called SheBang TV. This was a hard XXX g/g b/g porn version of the babeshows made Sexstation look like jackanory

After SheBang closed for financial reasons Amanda had a brief stint at Bluebird TV earning big money making XXX porno movies.

Eventually Amanda returned to her home at Babestation where she still cams today.

Despite the negative attention that followed, Amanda did not let this incident define her career. Instead, she embraced it as an opportunity to learn and grow professionally. Her perseverance through tough times serves as an inspiration to anyone seeking success in a highly demanding industry like hers.

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