In this second part of the babes from Elite TV series, (see Lori’s blog here) we take a look at Lucy Zara.  She spent the majority of her live babeshow career on Elite TV, (now known as Studio 66 or S66) although she did spend a brief period as a Babestation performer the majority of her babeshow career was spent on Studio 66 and Red Light Central.

It all began for Lucy Zara around 25th March 2009 on The Pad, The early morning show on channel 948 produced by Bang Babes.  She would talk to the early morning daytime callers and also appear on Bang Babes on their evening babeshows giving the night show audience a hot phone sex experience.

Lucy Zara
PC Lucy Zara in the Bang Babes Chop Shop

Around January of 2011 however, the Bang Babes bubble burst when Ofcom had to step in to take them off the air after a series of compliance regulation breaches involving overly sexualised and naked performances.  With her babe channel now shut down, Lucy posted the following message to the babeshow forum fans:

Hi guys, many thanks for your concerns I have had a tough emotional week but need to get back into the swing of things again! I have had a great time with everyone at Bang but it has gone now so need to move on. I am really pleased with the meetings I have had with Babestation and will try to bring to them my ideas etc and see how things go…….see you all again soon xx. Heart
After about a week of meetings and decisions, Lucy posted the following message to confirm her move:
hi guys, after a very tough and emotional week I have decided that I am going to be working with the guys at Babestation….I am really looking forward to a new challenge and new friends , I hope you guys who have supported me over the past 2 years with Bang will continue your great support !!! Onwards and Upwards as they say.
My first shift will be next Tue 18th from 9pm…. See you all then
And so Lucy Zara became a Babestation model. And appeared not only on the nighttime babeshows but also on the pay-per-view BSX channel too giving the audience the full XXX British Pornstar treatment.
Lucy Zara
Lucy Zara on Babestation
Shortly after Lucy’s appearances on Babestation, the rumour mill started up about a possible move to a new babe channel, illustrated by this forum post:
Heard a BIG RUMOUR TODAY from a good source that the wonderful Lucy-Zara is on the move after her trial at BS last week & will be back on our screens at some point this week but WHERE i hear you ask ??? ZA……..D reunited?????……watch this space!
And in early Feb 2011, the rumours were confirmed:
Wow, news travels fast!! Yes boys i am back from next Wednesday at my new home of RLC and looking forward to it, sorry it has taken so long to settle myself into a new channel but had to look at my options and yes the ‘zarwood’ are back together arrrrrr!!
I hope you are all going to watch and chat to me next week!!! a break is sometimes a good thing.
Have a fab week and will be back soon xxxxx
With her appearance on Red Light Central, Lucy rekindled her on screen partnership with Dannii Harwood and brought back ‘Zarwood’.  Driving the viewers wild with their girl on girl adult phone chat shows, often involving some role-play or domination themed outfits.

On Red Light Central she stayed until 2015 when she announced another move, this time to the babe channel that would be her home until very recently, Studio 66.  The following tweet confirmed the move to her fans:

Lucy Zara

Forum contributor, Rammy Rascal had this to say about the move:

Very good signing for s66. Big blow for rlc losing one of its current top babes

Stayed on S66 until as recently as 2020 since then she has been seen posting pic and video updates for her various social platforms.

Every babe channel Lucy Zara appeared on she would stick to the same style, highly thought out outfits, rarely getting naked, often role-play outfits or domination styles and her audience of fanatics loved it, here’s just one example from the babeshow forums:
Bluemoon99: My absolute fave scenaro is a sexy sec where the babe starts fully clothed with spex / heels / (FF) sheer seamed nylons then gradually strips down. Lucy is probably one of the best at this in the business.