One of the hottest and most famous babes at Babestation TV, Lori Buckby is a veteran of the babes show circuit. She’s been appeared on several different in-house shows, from Lads Lounge and Party People, to the main, night time Babestation TV shows. She has also spent some time at some Babestation copycat shows (but we don’t need to dwell on that!). Lori Buckby has been a headline babe on many of the sexy, adult themed shows from the late 00’s. Where other models may not make the grade, Miss Buckby retains her sexy demeanor and girl-next-door charm.

Lori Buckby started her babe show career in 2008, around about the same time as Paige Tyler, and began on Party People. Over the next year or 2, her bubbly personality, great looks and comfort in front of camera enabled her to become the most popular girl on Babestation Daytime.

In 2009, Lori made the decision to move away from daytime shows and branch out into the more adult world of the Babestation TV nighttime show. Lori put everything she had learned on the Babestation Daytime show into practice on nights, along with the obvious talents she had for sex chat and knowing how to get guys off!

Lori Buckby is originally from Leicester, a great little city, as this blog writer can attest to having spent 4 blurry year’s there at university!

As anyone who has spoken to Lori may well know, she is an avid dog lover. A couple of years ago, her 2 beloved chihuahua’s were stolen from her house, but this horrible situation had a happy ending. After an intense campaign in the area and on social media, the dogs were found and returned to her!

The gorgeous Lori Buckby can be found many nights of the week, getting naked and shaking that booty on the Babestation TV night shows. You can find them on Sky channel 906, 908-9, and on Freeview channels 173-5. You can also watch Lori Buckby and all our other girls online at

As well as the TV show, you can also find Lori Buckby a few times a month, doing private shows on our webcam site, Babestation Cams. Here’s her Babestation Cams profile:

The best way to find out when Lori Buckby will be on is to follow our Babestation Cams Twitter account, which gives daily updates on the girls coming up that evening. Also, if you want to see more of Lori Buckby, why not follow her on Twitter too.


  1. Although Lori is without doubt Babestations top potty mouthed totty, her warm and caring nature is, I find, far more attractive than the filth that comes out of her nevertheless , very sensuous mouth! HaHA!

    • Lori is in my opinion one of the best if not THE best babeshow performers. Now I may be a little biased as I used to talk to Lori many times and always found her fun and filthy. Now it seems she is constrained by scared producers or producers that think they can extract more money by promising more but not delivering. This is not Loris fault, she can only perform to the producers instructions. Having watched , called and enjoyed Lori for many years, I still see her as a performer who gives it her all while still maintaining that “girl who is almost available but nor quite”. I see no Babeshow performers that even come close to Lori. Yea OK , I like Lori a lot.

    • Great to see Lori back after 9 nights off but the repeatedly showing of a tampon string was a bit of a turn off. Now I know thats a perfectly natural occurance for a lady but to expect someone to call and have pretend sex with a girl who is clearly on a period leaves Babestations ethics in some dispute. Of course I am well aware there are other options for sex ( keep your suggestions to your self !) but I feel Babestation have let themselves down (and Lori) in this instance and waiting another day to put Lori on would have been a better decision. Well thats my tuppence worth anyhoo lol

  2. Happy Birthday Lori Ellen Buckby the sexiest funniest most desirable lady I have ever seen on my tellymabox (and i can get 3 channels on a good day) I will love her until the end of time (but that might be tomorrow) xxxxxxx

  3. Hi there Lori was such a lovely girl I seen her do the coca cola challenge t was great swing her get back to normal life think of it she’s on TV from early morning until 7am it takes a lot out of her by the time she gets home she’s shattered

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