Mikaela Witt has been a regular fixture on Babestation Daytime since December 2018 but she’s far from being new to the industry.  She worked on other daytime TV channels since all the way back in 2012 before joining Babestation.

“I started Babestation in November 2018 on the dayshow, after being on daytime TV channels since 2012. It was the best move I made, I am so happy at Babestation, and so pleased I made the move”

Back then in the early days, around 2012 when Mikaela Witt was first starting out, day time shows were a much different entity to what they are now.  Girls were permitted to wear sexy bikinis and lingerie.  Their movements could be a lot more raunchier and there was a lot more focus put on text messages as a way to communicate with the girls.  If somebody wanted to talk about porn or other adult related topics, they could send it in a text and the girls could read them backstage.  Since then, the increasing popularity of Twitter and the introduction of webcam has made these sorts of interactions much easier and talk of a babe’s pussy or ass can now continue freely between the babe on screen and the viewer through private webcam chats.

That’s not to say their wasn’t a fair share of teasing going on as sometimes the more you couldn’t talk about sex, the more it would lurk as a cheeky presence without getting the babes into too much trouble but still satisfying somebody’s fetish or fantasy.  Like the way the babes, (Mikaela Witt included) used to dress up in role-play style outfits and also use their high heels and feet to tease their viewers and tempt them into calling them.

“Back when I started the shows in 2012, the shows were very different. For starters, there was no webcam, simply phone calls, text messages, and on screen messages. We were also allowed a lot more freedom with movements, and clothing, which is a real shame! I miss dressing up as a naughty nurse on daytime. It would have to be saved for webcam shows now. We didn’t have any naughty lines during the day neither, so that’s a great addition moving forward for sure.”


  1. Been a big of Mikaela since she started on the babeshows on studio66. She was part of the classic studio66 babeshow lineup together with Fernanda , Evelyn and the gorgeous Dionne Daniels.
    So pleased that she’s been able to continue her career on the babeshows at Babestation.

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