Woops! It looks like the gods of embarrassing backgrounds caught on webcam have claimed another victim.  The latest example to go viral comes from BBC Wales who featured guest, Yvette Amos talking about her pandemic unemployment while behind her, in the background their appears to be a MASSIVE DILDO sitting on her shelf.

webcam background blunder


Needless to say, the footage has been flying around the internet.  With people going crazy for the webcam blunder.  Ever since Grant Tucker first posted about it on Twitter it has received over five thousand retweets and thirty three thousand likes as well as over one thousand quote tweets and comments with people offering their opinions and jokes on it.

It’s one of those incidents that has become a rare but hilarious treat in this new age of lockdown and guests appearing on TV shows via webcam.  Like when a child runs in to disrupt a serious interview.  They’re as scarce as hens teeth but when they happen they give us a much needed lift.

According, to her friends, Ms Amos wouldn’t be too upset that she’d been caught out in this way and would see it for the funny mishap that it is.  Good thing too.  Still that doesn’t mean we the viewers, (and more than a few inquisitive minds online) don’t have a few questions, such as how could she have overlooked such a big toy?  Could she have planted it there on purpose? Is it even a real dildo or perhaps a sculpture?  We’ll see how the story develops and if their are any updates forthcoming.  In the meantime, let’s look forward to the next viral piece of webcam background shenanigans.

One place you’re guaranteed to see a massive dildo live on webcam is right here on Babestation!  See what I did there? Seamless linkage.

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