For years, Pervcam has been one of the cornerstones of Babestation’s numerous revenue streams.  Gaining ever increasing popularity as more and more girls use it to add that extra layer of previously unattainable access for customers to their TV appearances.  Like an Aladdin’s cave of wonders Pervcam has been present but only to those savvy enough to pay attention and seek it out in order to enjoy the highly exclusive angles and delights that it has to offer.

For it has never been a focus of massive publicity.  Rather a new addition to the interactivity landscape that Babestation has to offer.  Through word of mouth, strong reputation and quality output over the years, Pervcam has carved out an important place for itself among Babestation’s many iconic attractions.  Providing viewers with the ability to see the angles they previously never thought possible without Babestation inadvertently causing widespread offence to the unsuspecting television audience or incurring a hefty fine from Ofcom.

But how did it all start?  What were the origins of this amazingly successful webcam concept?  Read on to find out more…

pervcam April May
April May

“What if a top model could work live on a Freeview channel, generating all those calls and peripheral sales, and provide live content for the encrypted channel at the same time?… The XXXcam, as it was known upon introduction in early 2012, would achieve that dazzlingly shrewd economy.

The XXXcam was a TV camera, typically mounted on a tripod, but sometimes manned by an off-set model, who might also promote the concept on the mic. The XXXcam’s role was to transmit graphic ‘POV’ footage of a TV model to a pay-walled viewing medium – at this point in time, the encrypted Babestation Xtreme TV channel and its companion website. For years, fans had sat peering at the programmes in the hope of seeing a flash of the onscreen girl’s privates. Now they didn’t have to wait, or make do with a fleeting glimpse. All they had to do was pay.

It was sound business, but it needed a concerted launch, and in winter 2012, it got one. The visual focus on Babestation went, for want of a better word, apeshit. The paling transmissions of 2011 were replaced on Babestation 1 with fully naked, oiled up girls, often in eye-opening positions, with no more than a few fingers preventing explicit genital display. Intimate two-girl sequences made a return too, and a “glass chair” (actually see-through plastic) was used to heighten the sense of POV crotch-gazing. Content strength was almost identical to that of the late 2009 / early 2010 period – a recognised high point for connoisseurs of babe TV visuals.


Technically, much of this had been outlawed by Ofcom’s adult ‘teleshopping’ guidelines. But Babestation 1 was not licenced in the UK, and thus could not be held to account by UK regulator Ofcom for specific breaches of those guidelines. If Babestation had caused widespread offence, there could have been serious consequences. But it was not causing widespread offence. It was doing the opposite – demonstrating what a bureaucratic pantomime most of the adult ‘teleshopping’ guidelines actually were. The only people outside the fanbase who cared whether or not a night time TV chat model splashed sticky liquids onto her body, were rival channels, and Ofcom. It evidently made no difference to the wider public.

In mid 2012, the XXXcam became Pervcam, taking up residence on the then new Access was switched to pay as you go, as opposed to the £5-all-night model of Babestation Xtreme, and in the process, Pervcam sowed the seeds of a much more lucrative revenue stream. Much of the main promotion for PervCam in mid 2012 was fronted by Camilla Jayne, who’d also been heavily involved in the launch of XXXcam back in the winter.

Undeniably, Pervcam has been one of the most powerful revenue earning concepts introduced to Babestation this decade, and importantly, it has no inherently damaging implications for the business. Interestingly, in its current form as a small, movable webcam (very similar to what the 3G girls of the naughties used to add variety to their feeds), it’s received an ironic chant of publicity.

Zara Lei

Over time, Babestation recognised that the best way to market Pervcam, was not to dowse naked girls in oil and televise literally everything but the bits they could manage cover with four fingers. It was to withdraw visual content from FTA TV and reallocate it to the paywalled stream. One of the reasons this has worked so well, is that it monumentally annoys “free wankers”. The most vocal “free wankers” have complained about perceived reductions in their gratis televisual pleasure, and in so doing, have consistently ‘blamed’ the Pervcam. The Pervcam thus gets a nice little burst of publicity each time a new complaint is added to the pile. The more annoyed “free wankers” get, the more Pervcam is inadvertently promoted.

Since it’s inception Pervcam’s impact on the Babestation interactive viewing experience has gone from strength to strength.  We have seen an increase in both the quality of webcam technology and the ever more inventive ways that the girls utilise these cams to put on a great show and tease their adoring fans. All this along with  the surge in the number of users now preferring to interact with live babes from the comfort of their own homes means that the future of Pervcam can only get better.

For now, let’s sit back and enjoy because you never know which babe could be revealing her naughtiest bits next!

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