Before the arrival of Preeti and Priya, by August 2010 Babestation was in the beginning phase of a new protocol. The main period of concentrated ‘power presenting’ had been gathering pace since spring, and the greatest shows were moving towards a more definitive system where it would end up being undeniable that the babe channels were done screening shows – they were screening adverts.

Yet, there was a danger, in light of this fact that for some fans, the rising tide of forcepriya and preeti selling, meddlesome graphics and commotion – the ‘televisual headache’, so to speak – was not what they enjoyed about Babestation. There must be something of substance to keep fans watching, and it should have been great! Indeed, what the babeshows required, was a decent four or five ingredients to truly keep things on target. More oddity, more excitement, more opportunity for callers to connect with and talk to exemplary glamour models, more space to create the new(ish) encrypted channel which featured intensely in the over-all approach, and something way past due – more non-white models.

Luckily, Babestation figured out how to make those fixings in a solitary action: the employing of ‘Tantric Twins’ twin Preeti and twin Priya Young. New faces and big tits on the live babeshows, the twins were unique, exceptionally beautiful, fascinating, compatible with the encoded channel, BSX and better still – there were two of them! Set them on together, and in addition to the fact that it was a genuine attention grabber; it additionally implied guests had double the shot at getting through when they called for phone sex.

The two babes made their introduction the evening of 11th to 12th August 2010, and they set up a good foundation for themselves, rapidly going from complete beginners to top, feature acts in only half a month. By 2011 they were certainly at the actual cutting edge of Babestation’s glamourchase, embodying everything enthusiasts of the babe channels were searching for.

Preeti and Priya left Babestation for Red Light Central in January 2013.


Along these lines, babestationx model Preeti has gotten back to Babestation, continuing as a main model on the terrestrial shows. After a moderately brief period away from our screens (which incorporated some webcam appearances), Priya continued her TV appearances with Playboy/RLC. Preeti also made appearances on Studio 66.

Preeti on Studio 66

Doubtlessly that Priya and Preeti have been two of the main increments to the babe channels in the past 5 years, and while (as of November 2013) they’re showing up on seperate shows, it’s extremely difficult to speak of one without the other.

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