Our former Babestation Academy babe has graduated way beyond her expected level and will be performing on an Unleashed special today at 10pm…

That’s right, for all of you that supported Jessie when she joined us, you’ll be amazed to see just how far this dirty little girl is willing to go. You can’t get much further than hardcore boy-girl live sex can you? Well, I suppose she could have two studs doing her at the same time, but this will suffice for now we think. We’ll be watching with interest tonight at 10pm. We like it when it becomes common knowledge that our girls are destined for filthier things, and we like it even more when the girl in question has never even worked at Sexstation before, never mind done a hardcore show over there!

Academy babe Jessie Jenkins
Jessie Jenkins getting fucked today by Kane Turner!

Jessie Jenkins is really looking forward to the show and you can follow her on Twitter to find out just how much if you like. We’re sure she’ll be happy to Tweet with you all day long about her pre-show thoughts. You know she’s one to dress up for the occasion too so it’ll be nice to find out just what she will or won’t be wearing for the duration and also just what she expects from her stud Kane turner.  Kane “The Tank” Turner is reported to be “very into the idea of screwing Jessie” today and we image he’s at home right now polishing his nob just thinking about it!

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