Very sexy old shoot of Kandi with see-through underwear!

Today’s update has been dragged out of the archive from a few years back! We do like to keep the content on the Babestation website as new and fresh as possible, but every so often we’ll find something a little older that we haven’t used on the before… and when what we find looks this good we have to share with with the world!

In this amazingly sexy shoot, Kandi, from the days when she was Candy, shows off her curvy body and amazing boobs, as well as some of her more intimate areas due to some very sexy see-through lingerie!

This is definitely a must-see shoot, and if you just must see it, go to the Babestation website now!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation


  1. Adorable as ever I do post comments but never hear from gorgeous Kandy, she looked ravishingly beautiful on Party Land yesterday the 23 07 10 Tuesday midnigt I can not keep my eyes off the beauty, I wish she will post a comment to say she appreciate fans comments Amitha xxxxxx

  2. Hi Gorgeous what have I am I not doing correctly to hear your comments for mine, you know how long I have been following you on free view channels, it would make me very happy if you post a comment to say you have read my comments take care and please do keep entertaining us as you have done brilliantly lately with for the first time with different hair styles, ravishing adorable Kandi. Amithaxxxxxx

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