Well if you haven’t, she’s one of the brightest stars over on Sexstation, and she’s about to do something she’s never done before…

Jess is turning all the way to the dark side this Wednesday as she finally succumbs to the temptation of doing a live, boy girl Unleashed show for your viewing pleasure.  You’ve probably spoken to her on the phone on Sexstation and had her play with herself in all manner of different ways, but to see her fucked, live before your very eyes is something you simply can’t miss!

Jessica Lloyd
Jessica Lloyd – Sexstation Veteran does her first Unleashed show!

Jess has been with Sexstation for a full five years, so she’s a permanent bloody fixture there!  But not once during this time has she ever done a live porn show with a guy.  And who is the lucky guy?  Dean Van (fucking lucky) Damme of course.  This little weasel gets his prick into all the good talent these days, he’s like a fucking disease!  I’m just jealous of course…

So if you want the most anticipated live boy-girl sex show of the year so far tune into Sexstation Unleashed on Wednesday night 10-11pm.  You can watch it here on Babestation, so if you’re a member you’ll get it for free!

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