I don’t think there’d be many live babeshow fans today who wouldn’t acknowledge Jada as an authoritative, top name on Babestation. But Jada’s entry to the Freeview babeshows was actually tentative and without fanfare, and most unusually, it came by viewer request. In mid 2009 when the old Partyland show was in full swing, Jada was a Sexstation web girl, and as part of the promotion for the 3G cam service, Partyland would stream a sanitised feed to a small, onscreen video box, featuring a web girl. The feed never went full screen – it was only ever a small window in the bottom corner of the frame, and it wasn’t something texters would comment on…


…Until Jada featured as the 3G girl. That night, viewers began to text the show, asking who the girl was, and requesting that she was promptly given airtime on Partyland. Even at very small size in a promo stream, the striking appearance of a girl completely unknown to the main audience, had caught viewers’ attention, and prompted a call to action. This was the only time I’ve ever seen that happen. Find a cheeky VIP Preview of Jada in Little black Dress.

In fact, Jada was also, around that time, appearing on Freeview in at least one mainstream ad, targeted at a similar demographic to the babeshow phonesex audience and screened late at night during lad-orientated programming. But the message was clear. Viewers wanted her on a premium babe channel, and that was what they were about to get.

Jada appeared on Partyland (broadcast from the Sexstation studios) starting on 12th August 2009, alongside Daryl Morgan and Sammie Dee. By mid August ’09, however, Partyland was being staffed by both Sexstation’s TV girls and guest Babestation girls, so who actually scheduled Jada’s first Partyland appearance wasn’t clear. What is clear, though, is that Babestation took a very big interest in Jada once Sexstation had been fully absorbed into BS, and from September 2009 she became a regular across all their major TV babeshows.


Jada’s first night on Partyland (and her first night on a Freeview night show), happened alongside Daryl Morgan in a split screen arrangement – 12th August 2009.  A month later on (Freeview 50) – 10th September 2009, Jada was with Alex Adams. However, in the one-month interim, Partyland had moved from the Sexstation studios into ‘Babestation Towers’, and there’s some evidence of that – particularly in the onscreen graphics design, which was more in keeping with the standard BS style of the period.

Nowadays, Jada is a regular on S66Cams having spent the past few years on Studio 66 TV before their disappearance from the babe channels EPG. Before joining BS, Jada had long been the sole representative of the 2009 Sexstation web girls at the forefront of BS. Only Michelle Moist ever rivaled the success of Jada among that group of web girls. The last recorded instance I have of Michelle Moist on the Babestation channels was 28th September 2011 – by which time she was almost exclusively doing encrypted shows like BSX and not Freeview TV. But between September 2009 and spring 2011 Michelle was a very familiar, trending face on Babestation, and had mirrored Jada in terms of her rise from the obscurity of the Sexstation cheap phones sex 3G stream to intensive Freeview appearances.


It would be naïve to suggest that Jada’s very striking looks and fitness were not a huge factor in her longevity at the top. But there’s a lot more to Jada than beauty, supreme flexibility adult phone chat skills and an ass-kickin’ attitude. From the night of Friday 1st June 2012, Jada became a dedicated sales presenter and voice over girl on Babestation, mainly covering the weekends, which had once been the preserve of Geri. Jada’s more laid back but still offbeat and engaging style fitted in perfectly, and she seemed to gel extremely well with the girls working the phones. She’d often tweet pictures from behind the scenes, which were typically very amusing and gave a clear impression of how much fun Babestation was during Jada’s nights on the mic.

With the scrapping of the mic duty as a standalone role, Jada once again became a regular performer on Babestation. And because throughout her time on the big TV channels she’s maintained her compatibility with harder, encrypted output, she’s been able to spice up Babestation X as required, as well as offering some of the hottest photos and videos for content distribution.

It could be said that the mixed race of Donna Duke made her the first big exotic night show star of the Freeview era, but a lot of fans thought Donna was entirely British and didn’t really regard her as half Asian. Jada’s Asian connection was probably more obvious to most, and since she came to the Freeview night shows in the immediate wake of Donna’s departure, at a time when they had no other real exotic stars, she must have been a Godsend for Babestation as they scaled up their presence on terrestrial TV. The big desire for Asian-look and exotic girls on Freeview night shows was, I’m sure, driven, inflamed and fuelled by Jada from the summer of 2009.

But she’s never let that be her claim to fame. Jada established herself on Babestation, and has remained at the forefront of Babestation, because she’s always given 100%, she’s got great versatility, she takes the job seriously, she’s got a unique style, and she thinks on her feet… Oh, and she’s seriously hot, obviously.