Kerrie Lee

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Kerrie Lee's Profile

Kerrie Lee's Profile

Kerrie is our stunning platinum blonde hottie and is known around the studio for her boisterous and mischievous personality. She loves playing pranks on people and is always making her producers and fellow Babestation girls laugh with her crazy antics.

She has the body of a dancer - slim and petite with long shapely legs but with a cracking set of augmented breasts. She looks like she's just stepped straight out of Baywatch! All she's missing is the red swimsuit!

Kerrie loves a crazy night out on the town with her friends and will often indulge in some karaoke if the mood takes her. Kerrie isn't just a whirlwind of mischief though, she has a softer side! She's a devoted animal lover and will do anything to help out a
friend. She's a great listener and is easy to talk to which makes Kerrie Lee the ultimate Babestation girl!!!

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