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Kerrie Lee XXX is our stunning platinum blonde hottie and is known from Studio 66 to Xpanded for her boisterous and mischievous personality. She loves playing pranks on people and is always making her producers and fellow babe channel girls laugh with her crazy antics.

Kerrie Lee Naked has the mouth of a pornstar and the body of a dancer - slim and petite with long shapely legs, and a cracking set of augmented breasts. She looks like she's just stepped straight out of Baywatch! All she's missing is the red swimsuit!

Kerrie Lee loves a crazy night out on the town with her friends and will often indulge in some karaoke if the mood takes her. Kerrie isn't just a whirlwind of mischief though, she has a softer side! She's a devoted animal lover and will do anything to help out a friend. She's a great listener and is easy to talk to on Phone Sex calls which makes Kerrie Lee the ultimate Babestation girl!

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Busty Babestation Blonde Kerrie Lee Cowen

Kerrie Lee Naked is a popular search term for Babestation Fans. Kerrie is a feisty, bleached-blonde babeshows girl with a petite body and huge tits! Her performances made her one of the most popular girls across any of the UK babe channels. You can see tons more of Kerrie Lee Naked in the Babestation VIP Members Area, including Kerrie Lee Porn shoots for our live shows on Babestation X!

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