Hey you filthy lot.  It’s been an eventful weekend to say the least! There may have been drinking involved, and there was most definitely nudity…mainly from me! Ah well, if you can’t flash your tits to your  mates who can you flash them to ey?  Speaking of nudity, this weekend Babestation saw the return of the stunning petite princess Kerrie Lee. After a three month hiatus, the platinum blonde hottie returned with a vengeance looking sexier than ever!


Her first night back on the show was not only raunchy and seductive but it was also hella messy! In a good way! Kerrie took it upon herself to bring in not one, but two massive bottles of baby oil which she generously poured over her naked body throughout her sections. Some girls are afraid to drench themselves in oil, possibly because of their hair? Who knows?! But not Kerrie, she got stuck in and saturated her perfect 32E enhanced boobs in so much oil that she was glistening from head to toe like an early early Christmas decoration. There’s just something about baby oil dripping off a hot girl that just grabs your attention! Don’t you agree?


Viewers who tuned in to watch Kerrie on Saturday night, were also treated to the option of viewing her Perve Cam. For those who aren’t familiar with this service let me enlighten you. Y’know when you watch your favourite Babestation girl writhing around naked on screen but she’s keeping her pussy well and truly hidden? Well with Perve Cam you actually get to see EVERYTHING!!! There is a separate camera pointing to the girls pussy that you boys can stream and get to see what nobody else on the main show gets the pleasure to witness. It’s pretty fucking awesome!


I’ve seen first hand what an incredible performer Kerrie Lee is and she loves being naked and oiled up. So take it from aunty Reede, the next time you have the option the view her Perve Cam, BLOODY WELL TAKE IT! You’ll thank me!

Check out in Kerrie Lee naked locker room fun

If you prefer to schedule in a good time with Kerrie, you can book a filthy cam show with her via her Kerrie Lee Babestation Cams profile

Have fun you cheeky lot

Reede xxx



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