Some babe channel models and British pornstars who provide adult phone chat on a nightly basis on the live babe shows, (as well as on the daytime show) have never been remotely interested in any element of their work beyond the money.  But if ever you want proof that some phone sex models put value for money at the centre of their ethos, and care a great deal about the service they provide, look no further than Dionne Mendez.

Dionne Mendez

The above compilation shows Dionne in the Bang Babes office. Not an experience the caller would forget, I’m guessing.

Through her many years of service, extending back as far as 2003 with Babecast TV, Dionne has been one of the most respected figures on the UK babe channels. As a highly experienced performer, phone sex operator and presenter, she became a leading lady in the Freeview revolution by default.

Dionne represented high-end glamour and interactive versatility on the all-important Party Girls series of 2008-2009, winning over dedicated new fans with her powerful interpersonal skills, her dirty talk, role playing and natural, down-to-earth manner. Continuing as a leading name on Babestation, Dionne developed a special bond with viewers, which would lead to some almost soap-opera-style moments…

Dionne broke into tears on the BS Xtra couch, after receiving a flood of goodbye messages from fans on what was to be her last night at Babestation. It was obvious there was a lot of love for Dionne, but this moment made it clear how much it all meant to her.

For reference, there was no interruption. The mic was kept live, the camera didn’t cut away and rightly so. It was a sobering piece of TV which verified who Dionne really is.

Not fake, or going through the motions, but a woman who cares about what she does, and cares what her fans think. The date was 31st October 2009…

Dionne Mendez

In the event, after less than a month with Studio 66 TV, now known as the recently shut down, S66Cams Dionne returned to Babestation, staying until April 2010, after-which she moved to Bang Babes, keeping up more very regular Freeview work.

Dionne was one of the models who moved to Red Light Central after Bang Babes closed down, and that move subsequently brought her back to terrestrial screens on Playboy TV / Red Light Central’s Freeview show, which went live on Channel 194 from December 2011.

Since leaving RLC, brunette Dionne Mendez has been involved in a number of projects, including television work with Bluebird TV, and further appearances on Freeview with Babestation during 2012 and 2013.

Online, her work has also continued to create some of the biggest tides of viral buzz in the UK adult industry. Don’t be afraid to check out her real life sex scenes, group sex and British porn sexual fantasy shows with fellow pornstars, Jasmine Webb and Georgie Lyall. If you can still do that after around a decade of TV work, and keep it real, AND maintain commercial integrity, then you can only realistically be described as a legend.

Dionne Mendez

Dionne Mendez on Babestation’s old Channel 33 Freeview show, back in the days of 4:3 screen formats would do some true ad-lib presenting. Great times on Babestation, and a very different world from the high-octane marketing machine of today.