Welcome to the ultimate A-Z guide to Babestation, the UK’s most popular adult TV channel. From Babestation icon Olivia Berzinc to Open Leg, we’ve got everything you need to know about this exciting world of Live sex cams, featuring the hottest nude models on the planet. Whether you’re a curious first-timer or a seasoned viewer, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to get the most out of your Babestation experience. Broadcasting live across Sky, Freeview, and Virgin, Babestation is now the UK’s biggest nude cams provider, offering a whole new world of interactivity. With Babestation, viewers get to enjoy the sexiest TV babes and interact with well known british porn and former studio66 babes. Let’s delve into the A to Z of Babestation in this series. This week we will be focusing on the letter O.

O is for Olivia Berzinc

Olivia Berzinc, prior to joining the babe channels, had a wealth of experience in various fields including lingerie and fitness modelling. Her impressive portfolio includes being featured in publications like The Daily Mail, The Sport, Nuts and ZOO magazine. In addition to this, Olivia has showcased her talents as the Lead Girl in Aggro Santos music video and a prominent Bollywood rapper’s video. She has also gained experience promoting major brands through her involvement in events such as the opening of buildings for Playboy TV and hosting yacht parties in Dubai and Majorca for ‘What Next Media.’ You may remember seeing Olivia in a mainstream TV show l as part of the BBC3 documentary series titled ‘The Secret Life of A Webcam Girl’, where Olivia showed viewers what it was like to work on cam platforms such as adultwork, S66 Cams, chaturbate and of course, Babestation cams.

babestationa-z olivia berzinc creamy tits

Olivia Berzinc has garnered a large following on platforms like Born to Tease, Borderland Bound and UK tickle, which caters to the fetish market. She is very popular with fans who enjoy foot worship and bondage because she doesn’t shy away from exploring various kinks and throwing herself into any roleplay scenario. Sign up as a Babestation vip member to gain full access to Olivia’s picture gallery or to explore her array of nude video content. In 2018, Olivia retired from the adult TV industry but continued her modelling career while also establishing several businesses. Currently, Olivia is the main presenter of a thrilling new TV show called Iconic Rides, where she enthusiastically showcases her love for cars.

O is for Open Leg

michelle moist open leg pussy

Open Leg content, a staple in the adult entertainment industry, features models posing with their legs open, often to attract viewers and boost revenue. This type of content is readily available on adult websites and subscription-based services, appealing to those interested in sexual exploration and fantasy. A Babestation producer remembers the days before open leg was readily available: 

‘It just wasn’t a thing before the webcam era, we weren’t allowed to do it. Sure there would be times when, (because the shows were live) the girls would open their legs on the sly and flash something. But we all usually got in trouble for doing so. Now blokes can just watch their favourite Babestation babes all day long doing open leg online.’

And Finally…

Check out what’s in store under the letter P in our upcoming Babestation article, where we will look at performers such as Preeti Young and Mr P. Dive into a whole new world of interactivity and cheap phone sex with the UK’s biggest live sex cam provider.