April 14th marks the 14th anniversary of Babestation X, the home of explicit content and live sex shows. In honour of BSX, we would like to take a look at BSX’s journey from video streaming site to the UK’s biggest provider of sex shows. 

Babestation X Debut

On the 14th April 2010, bsx made its debut at midnight on Channel 96. The pay-per-view adult content service was first unveiled as ‘Babestation Xtreme’. The regular Babestation show was shifted to Channel 94, and Babestation 2 was accessible on Channel 99 Babestation Xtreme brought something different to the world of adult entertainment. it offered exclusive content created specifically for the service, along with a collection of porn films and shorts, which include a mix of UK amateur porn and explicit stripteases from various European babes from the sex kamerki. The service featured a variety of content, such as risqué scenes with no knickers, and a mix solo action, girl-on-girl and boy-girl Mr P scenes.

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However, this was just the beginning of Babestation X. The long term goal was for Babestation X to enhance the service with even more content from the beloved Babestation nude models, and they even looked at the possibility of a live sex cams show in the future. As you are well aware, Babestation X achieved its goal of streaming live sex shows and the channel has gone from strength to strength.

What is BSX?

BSX, or Babestation X, is a paid adult entertainment channel accessible on UK’s Freeview channel 673 from 10pm to midnight daily. The channel is recognised for its interactive live phone-in shows, enabling viewers to engage with the hottest babe channel presenters and british porn stars.

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Unlike other Babestation channels, BSX differentiates itself by charging viewers per view for its exclusive, premium content. This pay-per-view model ensures that viewers only pay for the content they wish to watch while maintaining high-quality HD adult entertainment. By offering unique content and implementing a pay-per-view system, Babestation X has cultivated a loyal following of adult viewers who value quality and are willing to pay for it. Babestation have even enlisted the help of the girls themselves to direct and produce numerous features for your viewing pleasure.

Get Involved 

We also want our users to get involved in the action. Viewers can tell the girls what they would like to see them doing after encryption, and they will make it happen. We encourage users to communicate with their favourite girl and suggest what they would like to see her doing on camera. Babestation nude cams models are always exploring other ways for users to get in touch with the girls as the show evolves. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about the show here or by sexting the Babestation X babes.

Who is on BSX tonight?

Babestation X’s Live lineup is not fixed for Sunday to Thursday. Instead, the babes who appear on the traditional Babestation show also appear on BSX, but they show more than what they can on the free-to-air show. On Fridays and Saturdays, dedicated BSX models typically appear, and they usually engage in lesbian girl-girl shows where they entertain users with live sex action, porn games and cheap phone sex.

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How much does Babestation X cost?

The cost of Babestation X is £5 per night for non-members. However, if you become a vip member, you can access the BSX members area for free. This membership also includes exclusive content and features, as well as the option to order free pins to watch Babestation X on your television at home. Overall, becoming a Babestation VIP member can be a great value for those who enjoy adult entertainment and want to access premium content without paying for each individual night of viewing.

Our goal is to create an adult service on freeview that is worth paying for, with the right elements to make it satisfying for our viewers. Featuring former studio66 babes and popular cam girls from chaturbate, BSX is the go-place for fans of explicit adult entertainment.