All things Babestation: The A-Z Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to all things Babestation. From A to Z, we have got you covered with everything you need to know about this popular babe channel. In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the key aspects of Babestation such as Camming, Christmas specials, and of course the famous presenters like Caty Cole and Claire Daniels. We will also provide you with some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your Babestation experience. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through the world of Babestation.

Babestation Caty Cole shows her bum in cute underwear
Caty Cole


For over two decades, Babestation has captivated audiences with its unique style of TV programming. Broadcasting live across Sky, Freeview, and Virgin, Babestation has become the UK’s number one live sex cam provider in recent years, offering a whole new world of interactivity. From classic TV nude models like Lynda Leigh. Babestation provides the best selection of British porn stars, British babes, and sexy TV naked models. The secret camera angles of the babes and the glamour content make it a favorite UK webcam model. With Babestation, viewers get to enjoy the sexiest TV and the cheapest, cheap phone sex in the UK, as well as Babestation Cams, the home of British live cam girls and babe cams. As we delve into the A to Z of Babestation in this series, be prepared to explore the world of adult chat television channels like never before, including the popular Babecall product that offers live webcam sex and credit card phone sex from Britain’s top babes.

C is for Caty Cole

Caty Cole, a well-known Babestation nude cams model, rose to fame due to her captivating on-screen persona. Recognized for her luscious brown hair, shapely physique, and alluring gaze, she quickly became a beloved figure among fans. With regular appearances on the Babestation TV channel, Caty Cole’s popularity soared. Her allure extended beyond television, as she graced the pages of various men’s magazines and adult work style websites, further solidifying her status as a prominent presence in the industry. An ex-producer gives some insight on working with Caty;

Babestation Caty Cole in sexy underwear

“She was really quiet actually, but everyone knew when she was in the building, you could just tell. The guys loved her, you’d give her the telephone and the bloody thing would have blokes on the line before you had chance to hand it to her.”

C is for Camming

With the surge in popularity of adult entertainment, camming has emerged as a prevalent way  for performers to engage with viewers in real-time via webcam and the internet. Whether independently or through specialized websites, camming offers a personalized experience, creating a whole new world of interactivity. Many performers have chosen to focus solely on this, catering to one of the UK’s biggest live sex cam provider, Babestation. The UK television channel has redefined the concept of live sex cams, captivating VIP members with its unique style of TV programming. Camming not only provides a platform for live cam girls but also showcases the best selection of British porn stars, including your favourite UK webcam model, unveiling a secret world through pervcam and sensational camera angles.

Babestation babe, camming
Camming Babe

C is for Claire Daniels

Claire Daniels, a former Babestation model, embarked on her career at 18, celebrated for her natural curves, blonde hair, and vivacious persona. She graced Babestation TV’s “Babestation” late-night show and also dabbled in acting, appearing in various films and TV programs.  Although she has transitioned away from the adult industry, Daniels continues to captivate older Babestation fans, leaving an indelible mark with her unique style and indeed the past.

“Do I remember Claire Daniels?” The Producer we interviewed laughed “On my first day, my then boss told me in no un-certain terms that if I upset her then I upset him. She sat on the throne back then I mean all the shows intros and graphics were built around her.

Claire and a few other girls were what defined the brand. Also she was great fun and pretty easy-going although this is going back almost 20 years now.”

C is for Christmas

Babestation Christmas group pic
Amber Paige, April Mae, Layla Rose, Jennifer Wilde, Megan Rox

Babestation’s festive season is a time of joy and celebration. The Christmas specials and events are eagerly anticipated, featuring themed shows, Christmas themed porn games and exciting competitions for the viewers. The models exude holiday spirit with their festive outfits and the set decorations, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Special promotions and discounts are offered, spreading cheer and goodwill among the Babestation community. The viewers are encouraged to engage in spreading holiday joy by giving tips and gifts to their favorite models.

“Ha! I remember we did a charity thing once. One of the engineers stripped down this motorized Santa Claus and managed to make it so that viewers voicemails played via him.  So blokes would leave a message and we could play it out live on air via jolly old Saint Nick.”   When we asked if it worked the Producer responded “You be the judge, Chris Cringle telling girls to spank their arse. I mean I think that’s genius but history may judge us differently haha.”

The girls of Babestation also produce a yearly Christmas Calendar which are highly sort after.

And Finally…

A sneak peek into our upcoming article will take you through a journey across the letter D, featuring an array of Babestation delights. From the unique style of TV programming to the classic models and the new generation of hot babes, there’s something for everyone to explore.  With a focus on the UK’s biggest live sex cam provider and the best selection of British porn stars, Babestation has cemented its position as a favorite among UK television viewers.