The return of the popular sci-fi series Black Mirror has generated excitement among fans, including those at Babestation TV. However, it also brought to mind the time when the show’s writer criticised Babestation and other babechannels. The incident highlights the ongoing debate over the role and value of adult entertainment in society and its impact on culture and media. Despite such criticisms, babe channels continue to attract a large audience and remain a significant part of the entertainment industry.

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Way back in 2005 Brooker wrote an article in the Guardian newspaper screenburn entitled ‘Call Collect’ in which he wrote about the multitude of new channels on the fast growing UK satellite TV platform.

“Travelling at 7,000mph, 22,000 miles above our heads, a satellite orbits the Earth, beaming a signal to the dish on your roof. This signal then travels down a fibre-optic cable to a receiver which unscrambles the image and sends it to your TV set, which in turn paints it on the screen, line by line, 15,000 times a second, fast enough for your brain to register as a moving image.”

Babestation TV having started in late 2002 was well established by 2005 and clearly made an impression on Black Mirror creator, Mr Brooker

All this, just so you can watch girls waving their bums around on shows like Babestation (about a million different satellite stations, nightly).

Have you seen Babestation? If you’ve got a satellite dish, that’s a stupid question – you can’t miss it. Go randomly channel-surfing any time after 10pm and you’ll bump into more Babestation variants than you can shake a stick at. If you catch my drift.

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At this time the live babeshows still had option to send in Texts to the screen and Mr Brooker descibes in detail what the shows looked like in those early days:

In case you don’t, here’s what I’m talking about: Babestation is a bit of night-time “adult fun” (ie pornography) consisting of several inset windows. One houses live footage of thick girls in various states of undress. Below that lies another window full of texts from even thicker viewers, begging them to blow kisses and jiggle about a bit. Sending the texts cost a fortune, and that’s why Babestation is there. It’s a coin-operated wanking machine, in other words, and it’s just as glamorous as that sounds

Though he reserves his real venom for a sister channel the Psychic channel Psychic Interactive

Anyway: Babestation – it’s seedy and gooey and yucky and bluurgh, but even so, it’s nowhere near as puke-inducing as one of its day-time equivalents, the truly hideous Psychic Interactive. The name gives it away – yes, it’s another bit of coin-slot bummery, this time aimed at the desperate and gullible (as opposed to the desperate and masturbating).

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