One of the new legends of Babestation – Miss Brookie Little – will be appearing on the show tonight and tomorrow guys…

Brookie has become a firm favourite on Babestation (and we all know where you’re feeling the firmness!)  She’s a curious mix this one.  One minute she looks like the innocent “girl next door” who could quite feasibly put your shopping away for you at the Sainsbury’s counter, and the next minute she’s bent over on a Babestation X live show with her pussy on display for all to see!  Personally we think it’s this, and the fact that she has massive melons, is what makes her so very popular.

Brookie Little big tits
Brookie Little

I haven’t ever chatted to her on the phone (on the show anyway), but I have been in the studio when she’s been taking calls before; and I have to tell you that you wouldn’t believe some of the things that come out of her mouth!  Who’d have thought someone so innocent looking could say such wicked things?

Well, here’s the up sell.  If you’re a staunch Brookie Little supporter you’ll be pleased to know that she has some exclusive Babestation content on our website for you to download.  There are videos and pictures to choose from, and you can have the lot for just £1.50 if you sign up for our two day trial membership.  Now that’s good value for money.  Not only that, when you sign up as a trial member you get access to all the live shows that go on air during your membership (these include those broadcast by Unleashed and Babestation X); you also get access to recordings of live Unleashed shows too.