This morning (10th April 2014), at 05:30 on Babestation Blue, an illustrious babeshow career came to an end. It was the close of a final night on the babe channels for Camilla Jayne, who started out as a model in the middle of the noughties at the age of 21. In a progression spanning around nine years, Camilla’s TV channel associations have included Bang Babes, Babestar, Hotel Voyeur and Bluebird, and she’s also done promotional work on Freeview for Television X. But she is of course overridingly synonymous with the Babestation channels, where she worked a long and spectacular spell between spring 2008 and the beginning of 2013, as well as making a short but sweet return between 5th February* and 10th April 2014 (*Freeview shows – she returned to the encrypted channel slightly earlier, in early December 2013).

Camilla is one of the most, if not the most intensively covered personalities on the site. 

With Babestation, Camilla Jayne has starred on all of the top night shows going back to the noughties, including Party People, Party Girls, Partyland, Glamourchase, Babestation Xtreme, BSX, BS Xtra, Babestation Blue, Babestation 2, and of course the original UK babe channel – Babestation. Camilla’s loyalty to Babestation was particularly notable during her time there. The fact that they were able to boast exclusivity when marketing her work lent each project extra commercial potency.

Camilla Jayne

Some recollections from Babe of The Week 2012, Camilla’s earlier Freeview appearances, back in the noughties.  An old-school 4:3 format Babestation video clip promotion from 2008, which was just about still running when Babestation went to Freeview in spring 2009. Top right, an earlier sequence from Television X’s Freeview promo. I think this would have been Camilla’s first appearance on terrestrial TV, but these TVX sequences were recordings rather than live broadcasts. Whilst I recorded the promo seven years ago in spring 2007, I don’t know when it was actually made. Camilla in a very colourful outfit on Babestation’s Channel 33 show in summer 2009, with the text box revealing that she has 34 inch legs. And Camilla comparing heights with Megan Moore on Party People. Now you know!

It’s easy to get caught up in reverence when an era comes to an end, but Camilla has been special, and it’s most unlikely that anyone’s going to repeat what she’s done for Babestation. With Camilla Jayne, it hasn’t just been about how many calls she could attract or the vast number of pic downloads and encryption codes she was able to sell. It’s been about the way she’s been able to increase people’s general appetite for live babeshows. With Camilla, it hasn’t just been: “Here’s a babe with a phone – why not give her a call?” It’s been a story. A “what happens next?” That’s created an enduring excitement around Babestation.

It’s vital to the commercial success of the babeshows that people believe their phonesex fantasies are going to come to life. But no one will believe if there’s no precedent. So someone, somewhere along the line, has to take the dreams no one thinks can come true, and make them real. Camilla has been one of the most consistent and dramatic exponents of that. When British porn girls like Camilla promise a dream, and then deliver, they don’t just build a reputation for themselves. They build a reputation for their channel, and even, to an extent, the entire genre. It’s a reputation that sometimes gets abused and damaged by others, but Camilla’s contribution to babeshow trending credibility and trust has been almost immeasurable. Even in the future, when someone makes an incredible claim on a babeshow, fans will still be thinking: “Can it really happen?… Yes it can. Remember Camilla?”

Camilla Jayne
Camilla Jayne on Bluebird

Camilla Jayne will be remembered as someone who put her heart and soul into her TV work, whose inner passion connected with the world, and who genuinely did make her fans’ wildest dreams come true. A literally fantastic TV babe. Applause, standing ovation, the end.

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