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Free Georgie Darby pic

Georgie Darby has to be a babe of the week, simply because she’s such a foul mouthed, filthy little girl. 

Actually I’m not sure whether to give her “Babe of the Week” status or just slap her naked behind for being so bad!

This is the girl who calls herself the “official spunk bucket filler on Babestationtv” and has the following words in her profile on Twitter:

“Give us a call when ur balls are full”

That kind of says it all doesn’t it?  And you can tell where I’m going with this I’m sure.  Babe of the Week is awarded on merit and they have to do something particularly good to get my attention I’m telling you.  It’s Georgie’s foul mouth that caught my attention on Twitter.  I’ve never actually chatted to her on the phones (note to self: do this!) but I’ve heard she’s pretty dirty there too.

Free Georgie Darby pictures
Babestation pictures

Some Georgie Darby tweets:

“Imagine ur brothers coming in every morning singing love songs to you whilst performing sex acts of each other whilst ur made to watch”

“I’m having to resort 2 putting keys on a necklace so my mum and brother don’t use my dildos when I’m at work #lockupyourdildos”

“Just realised I got a queue fetish. This queues gotta be an 8 outta 10 mixed up with inbreds, and a coach full of boss eyed cunts”

“Hi boys, come and join me on for some filthy ball emptying fun. Bring ur finest toilet roll or dirty old socks xxx”

 So how do we stay so enthralled with one so bloody filthy and sometimes downright wrong?  It’s simply because she’s so gorgeous isn’t it?  When you look at a babe like Georgie Darby you can’t help yourself.

Georgie Darby
Free Babestation pictures

These pictures are from our website, and there are a load more of the gorgeous Georgie.  If you want to get up close and personal with her you should seriously consider simply following her tweets on Twitter.  Here you’ll find that her appalling language and disgusting philosophies are interspersed and somewhat quietened by her rather sexy free pictures!

On site now there is a great video of Georgie in black underwear playing with her lovely pierced nipples.  I had a boner the whole fucking time I’m telling you!



So, I was thinking about some exclusive interviews with the girls.  Tell me what you think and who you’d like to see on here?


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