The purpose of this blog is to teach anyone who is interested in how not to talk to women.  In particular, how not to talk to babeshow models; particularly over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and any other social media.  The lesson itself comes from long time Babeshow commentator @Babe_TV the person behind many blog posts dating back to between 2009 and 2013 and who would use his platform on Tumblr to record his observations of what he sees in the rich world of the babeshow.  Everything from the evolution of the show and what we see on screen to events and developments offscreen including interactions between fans and babes via social media.

In the following extracts, he details the behaviours of what he calls, the ‘Virtual Modeliser’,  “A virtual modeliser follows a range of babeshow, glamour or porn models on Twitter, repetitively messaging most or all of them with a machine-gun fire of chat-up attempts.  The messages are often very similar, or even exactly the same.”   So if you want to know how not to talk to women, babeshow babes, even celebrity crushes, read on and find out how it’s not done from @Babe_TV:

“The first time I ever saw that classic repetitive fire of identical chat-up tweets to babe after babe after babe, I assumed such an approach could only be a one-off.  But it’s incredibly common.  I made a filtered Twitter search routine to collect chat-up tweets sent to babes by fans.  The first surprise was that the feed virtually never stops, and the second was that the majority of profiles coming up in the feed were messaging essentially the same thing to multiple recognised babes in fairly rapid succession.


Most virtual modelisers have little or no interest in chatting to anyone but female models.  It’s this that shows, regardless of contrary claims the men may make, that their campaigns are motivated purely by sexual desire.  If the root of their interest was anything other than sex, they would not confine their communication attempts to attractive women whose job involves taking their clothes off.  In summary, this is a particularly selective and transparent brand of intensive but largely fruitless remote womanising, carried out via social media.”

Always a good rule of thumb in how not to talk to women, modelising can make you come across as desperate and, as @Babe_TV explains isn’t something that would be viewed favourably in a ‘real world’ situation; “Any intensive, mechanical, ‘coconut shy’ pursuit of sexually attractive females would, if set into an offline environment, be regarded as questionable behaviour by society.  Take the guy off Twitter and put him in the street, or on a train.  He’s repetitively approaching women he doesn’t know and trying to chat them up, one after the other.  If in the course of a train journey, a man separately approached ten attractive women and tried to chat them up how would it be seen?  He might get away with chatting up one girl, but after the sixth

How not to talk to women
Virtual modeliser

or seventh approach, even in a best case scenario he’s probably going to be getting a fair few funny looks.  Transporting this type of behaviour from ‘real life’ onto a social networking site doesn’t change what’s happening.”

Womanising is also never the best way forward so if you take only one lesson in how not to talk to women, that is a big one as @Babe_TV goes on to say:                        “Womanisers routinely work with a range of ‘cut and paste’ phrases and soft-soaping tricks designed to ‘push the woman’s buttons’.  But most women just don’t connect on such an unsophisticated level, and that renders the lines pretty meaningless if not completely transparent.  The womaniser’s overriding downfall is that he gives the same flannel to every girl, and each one of them can clearly see he’s doing it.”

Hopefully this has been a useful read for those looking to find out how not to talk to women and babeshow models, or basically any woman in the public eye.  It can be tricky business especially when it comes to being a big fan of babeshows, something  @Babe_TV knows a lot about.  The following is his final word on the subject:
“I don’t blame anyone for chasing a dream – albeit an unrealistic one.  As i’ve said before, i know, looking back on the time when i first gained an interest in the babeshows, how much of an impression TV babes can make, and how easy it is to overlook elements of reality – so i’ll always include myself in any scrutiny i make of fan behaviour.  For those who are more social than I am, I can easily see how that kind of obsession could translate into social media chat.  So I don’t in any way condemn the basic idea of tweeting babes, as part of a balanced, healthy diet, so to speak.  I do, of course, strongly condemn manipulative practices and obscene/disrespectful messaging and I must say I find it hard to get my head round the desire to relentlessly bombard anyone with any type of message when the bulk of it gets ignored.”

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