Jada from babestation dresses up in her best far eastern clobber and looks sexy!

This is a very sexy, far-eastern style shoot from Jada, one of the classic Babestation babes who has been with us now for years! She gets all dressed up in some very glamourous chinese-style clobber, before taking it all off and getting naked!

Jada, looks amazing in this shoot; take a look at the free picture below to see just how hot she is! These new shoots are all going on the Babestation website to join all of Jada’s sexy back-catalogue of content, so go there and take a look at her stuff!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

Check out this free picture, then get over to Babestation to see the full set:

Far-Eastern beauty, Jada looks hot and sexy in front of the Babestation cameras!