Karina is the Babestation law enforcer and her weapon of choice is a big dildo!

A very much ‘strictly adults only’ latest update on the Babestation website today!

What starts out with Karina Currie dressed up as a Babestation police officer, turns into a filthy girl on girl dildo session in the basement!

This naughty girl shouldn’t have been snooping around in the lockers, that way she wouldn’t have felt the full wrath of Karina Currie and her very unique method of law enforcement in the Babestation building!

See Karina dominate her prisoner in the Babestation basement before locking her away in a cage! Check out the free picture below too see just how far this shoot goes. You’ll just have to see the rest to believe it, to do that get over to the Babestation website!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation


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