You may remember Jessie Jo from Babestation’s Dirty Wives a few years back.  Dirty Wives along with Masti Chat and Babestation Apprentice were like spin off shows that appeared once a week as off shoots of the main babeshow. These were opportunities for more focused screen time, catering for specific interests.  In Jessie Jo’s case, her show, Dirty Wives was a milf focused format where she appeared along side other women of a certain age, taking calls and performing on TV just the same as the other Babestation shows.

As a 13 year veteran of the adult industry, Jessie Jo was one of the more popular of the dirty wives, her appearances were always filthy as she played with her massive tits to an appreciative audience of eager callers.  She was never one to shy away from the camera and has appeared since, several times on Babestation’s BSX shows alongside fellow big titted milf, Busty Cookie, see the pictures below:

Since then she has recently embarked on a new endeavor to keep her audience and subscribers locked in with her during lockdown.  According to a recent story for the Daily Mail.  Jessie Jo has recently opened an Onlyfans account alongside her own daughter! Now she says they are bringing in up to £2000 a week for their joint strip shows.  Both Jessie Jo, (53) and her daughter Achante, (21) enjoy working together and have got nothing but support from friends and family,

“People might think it’s weird but we’ve always been really close. And she’s my mum – why would I think it’s odd for her to see me naked?” She goes on to say, “[Mum] pointed out I’m constantly taking selfies anyway in skimpy clothes so I might as well earn money from it. And she was right! I love it.”

Jessie Jo

Jessie Jo has been open from the start with her kids about what she does.  After being approached by Babestation to appear on Dirty Wives she made sure she got their blessing before continuing with it. She is quoted as saying,

“There was no point sugar-coating it, so I just told them straight that I’d been asked to go on TV and get my boobs out,” she said. “I wouldn’t have done it if they hadn’t agreed.”

Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll see more of Achante on Babestation TV or webcam.  Leave a comment below if you’d be up for getting her on screen.

You can watch Jessie Jo and Achante’s show over on OnlyFans and check out more of Jessie Jo’s content made for Babestation by becoming a VIP member.