You know the drill boys.  From 4-6 pm you’ll be required to put the Academy girls through their paces!

Amelia is the 21 year old from London who is very keen to impress.  She’s trying to keep up with the training and she’d very much appreciate your support.  Remember that calls cost only 36p per minute between 4-6 pm this evening on

Babestation Academy only 36p per minute between 4-6 PM

Layla is the 23 year old blonde from Manchester that you deem worthy of the Academy, and she’s VERY excited to be on the show tonight from 9 PM.  Along with Layla will be the very talented recruit Kimberly Jones.  Sky 908 – Freeview 175

New Babestation Academy girl Layla

Layla and Kimberly will be joined on the show by a special mystery guest too tonight.  I’m not going to tell you who, you’ll have to tune into SKY Channel 908 or Freeview 175 and check it out for yourself.  Don’t miss it, this one is going to be good!

Babestation Academy Kimberly

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