Don’t forget the Unleased show tonight with Carla Mai for £1.50!  But if you want a warm up to that you can always try out the Babestation Academy later this afternoon and this evening…

For our Academy lovers (and lovers of cheap interactive phone sex!) we have a couple of very lovely faces for you; and very lovely bodies.  These girls are very eager to please and do well on Babestation, so now is your chance to show them how welcome they are!


The first is the gorgeous blonde Amelia L from the North East of the UK.  She’s only 23 and in my personal opinion, looking like this she has one hell of a future ahead of her in the adult industry; whether it’s with Babestation or not!  Follow Amelia on Twitter and find out just how naughty she’s going to be!

Next up we have yet another stunning blonde for you.  Rachel Love is 22 years old from the West Country, over here in London being naughty (as most girls end up!)  She’s going to be bouncing her lovely young body all over the bed for you today and she’s well ready for it.

Rachel Love on Babestation Academy
Rachel Love on Babestation Academy

Whichever one you like the best, it’s not going to cost you a fortune with Academy to try them both out and put them through their paces; so don’t forget Babestation Academy between 4-6pm, and again on the evening show.

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