Today we have a new girl starting on the show!  We love it when we get new girls…

Tonight on Babestation we are privileged to have the lovely Sami J.  Sami is simply gorgeous, as we’re sure you can see from these pictures, and she’s had babe channel experience before of course; but now she’s with the best of the best at Babestation.

Sami J
Sami J on Babestation tonight

So stay tuned to tonight’s Babestation, and the only reason you should even contemplate switching for a limited time only would possibly be to catch the Unleashed show online with Jordan Pryce and Dean Van Damme.  If you’re a Babestation website member then you’ll get this free online of course, but if you’re not you can watch Unleashed for just £1.50.

Sami J
Sami J

More Sami J news!

There’s even more news concerning Sami J guys.  She’s going to jump straight into the deep end this weekend and join us on Babestation X too!  You’ll be able to see her performing on Friday night on the hard show… Remember that the beginning of the show is hard only online guys.  Again, you can watch this on our website too.

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