A new kind of robot now has the ability to turn down sex if she’s not in the mood. In the not too distant future, If you start getting frisky with your robot when she’s not up for it, she’ll tell you she’s got a headache. Blimey, sounds just like a regular marriage.

These new love robots have been created with the intelligence to shut down completely if pestered when they are not in the mood. The sexbot, known as Samantha has the ability to say “no” which was demonstrated to an audience of shocked scientists at one of the UK’s leading science expo’s. The robot has sensors under her skin, so she can respond to affection like a real-life human. But she also has a revolutionary electronic brain which makes her the boss in the bedroom.

Samantha comes built with motorised hands, hips and pussy to maximise pleasure, but she will also moan and purr if she’s enjoying herself. A micro-computer inside her head can also remember previous “interactions” with her owner? master? whatever you want to call him, as a way to improve future experiences.

You’ll be able to switch Samantha’s modes between “family”, “romantic” and “sex” so if you plan on taking her for a Sunday roast round your Nan’s just make sure she’s switched to “family”. When you shell out the £3,600 price-tag for Samantha, you aren’t just buying a fuck doll you can do what you want with. This bot needs to be respected or she will enter “dummy” mode, which basically means she’ll totally shut off if her sensors detect any aggressive or disrespectful touching.

Samantha already exists as a prototype and is expected to go into mass production soon. She was invented by Spanish scientist Dr Sergi Santos and his wife Maritsa Kissamitaki who were sick of people saying sex robots are demeaning to women. So they created a robot with a mind of her own. Wowers. Who would have thought we’d be asking a machine for consent?! I was just about to make a slice of toast but it looks like I better make sure the toaster is cool with me ramming a slice of bread into it’s slot. I don’t want it to have me up on assault charges!

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