Most of you know Tiffany, and some of you on a more “personal” level than others, so we thought it only fair to declare this Babestation All Star “Babe of the Week”…

We know it’s not much of an award, and we’re sorry we haven’t done it for a while, but Tiffany is thoroughly deserving of it.  This is the big boobed Babestation beauty that won best Night Babe of 2012 of course; no surprise there!


Tiffany is also scheduled to appear tonight on the show tonight around 10ish if you’re around, so why not get on the phones and tell her how much she deserves our weekly award!  It’s pictures like this that do it for me personally you know.  Just look at how this cheeky Babestation beauty hides herself but shows just as much as you need to get you through the rest of your day.

Don’t forget that you can see all of Tiffany’s pictures and videos in stunning HD on the Babestation website right now, and that you can get access to it all for just £1.50!  This is a Babestation bargain that you simply can’t afford to miss; especially Tiffany for fuck sake!

So we’ll leave you with this image and hope that you’ll tune in later tonight to see Tiffany in action.

Babestation – Tiffany Chambers – Babes of the Week!