It’s another training day in the studio on Wednesday and we expect your full support…

Don’t forget you can call the recruits, including Keeey and  Maddy,

from 4-6pm on the website for just 36p a min!  This is a very cheap price to pay for some of the most excellent up and coming Babestation girls.  Remember that these girls aren’t daytime girls, they’re on the web, so they can get dirty with you too.  They could be the next generation of babes satisfying your every need on the night shows!

On the Academy show Wednesday night we have the fabulous Rebecca Crow, Delilah Dash and Jessie Jenkins!  These three are sure to finish your Wednesday off nicely.

Babestation Academy
Babestation Academy

So why not have a look at the babes on offer between 4-6pm, have a quick one off the wrist, and then come back later on to see the Academy girls on the night show when you’ve had a chance to recuperate.  We’ll call it wank Wednesday if you like!

Wank Wednesday on Babestation Academy!