Babestation is a show that needs no introduction. It’s entertaining, it’s controversial, and it’s the perfect blend of everything you need in a late-night show. In one of the recent episodes, we saw Michelle Moist and Roxxy Clark go head-to-head in an event that left audiences gasping for more. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at these two amazing women and the distinct styles they bring to the table. We’ll examine their unique contributions to Babestation and discuss some of their most notable episodes on the show.

In this podcast episode, Michelle engages in a lighthearted and humorous conversation with an unidentified person. They play a game of “Would You Rather” and discuss various hypothetical scenarios.

Topics include personal appearance, body features, food preferences, and dating choices. They joke about detachable breasts, having hair for teeth or teeth for hair, sweating mayonnaise, giving up cheese or alcohol, and wearing underwear. They also discuss leaking phone photo libraries or messages online and the choice between crying or orgasming. The conversation ends with a discussion about having a crazy ex or a crazy current partner.

Roxxy Clarke on Babestation pervcam doing phone sex
Roxxy Clarke

The 15th August episode featuring Michelle Moist and Roxxy Clark

In the highly anticipated 15th August episode, Michelle Moist and Roxxy Clark took center stage with their exceptional talents. The dynamic duo captivated viewers with their mesmerizing performances, receiving positive feedback from fans everywhere. It was a show like no other, showcasing the UK’s finest in adult entertainment.

The Babestation Show You Tube

If you were unable to catch the broadcast of this thrilling show, don’t worry! You can still enjoy some of the highlights by visiting our YouTube page. With clips from the show available for viewing, you’ll get a taste of what you missed and may even be inspired to watch the full version. Our YouTube page is a g.reat resource for catching up on past broadcasts and discovering new content.

Profile of Michelle Moist

Michelle Moist, a well-known adult work entertainer, has appeared on platforms like Babestation, Sex Station, and Xpanded. With her captivating performances and engaging personality, she has gained a loyal fan base and remains a prominent figure in the industry including pornhub and other internet sites.

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Michelle Moist on the Babeshows

Michelle Moist has been a standout performer on Babestation, impressing viewers with her charisma and confident presence. She knows how to keep the audience engaged and entertained, adding excitement to the Babestation experience.

Michelle Moist Sex Station, Xpanded and Babestation TV

Michelle Moist, a popular adult performer and webcam sex model, has worked with adult work porn entertainment companies like Sex Station, Xpanded, and Babestation. With her sultry performances, she has gained a large following on social media platforms. She offers a high-quality and engaging adult work independent entertainment experience.

Following her return to Babestation TV Michelle became the Babe of the Month in July 2023

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Micgelle Moist from Babestation posing with her ass up on the bed
Michelle Moist

Michelle Moist’s Naked DJ

Michelle Moist’s career as a DJ and adult work UK film star brings a unique twist to her performances on the Babestation show. Contrasting with Roxxy Clark’s background as a nude model and performer, their styles and preferences spark a debate among fans. Collaboration or competition between the two is a possibility worth exploring in the United Kingdom.

Profile of Roxxy Clark

Roxxy Clark’s early life and career beginnings led her to become a prominent figure in the adult industry. With her rise to fame and numerous accomplishments, Roxxy continues to captivate audiences with her sultry performances. Her personal life, relationships, and future projects contribute to her influential presence.

Roxxy Clark in the Babestaiton Show

Roxxy Clark, a popular nude cams model and performer in the Babestation show, has a massive following on social media. Her energetic and appealing performances, filled with playful humor, empower women to express their sexuality and confidence.

Roxxy Clark was made Babe of the Month in August 2023  where she was interviewed about her babeshow career with Studio 66 and Babestation,

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The distinct styles of Michelle Moist and Roxxy Clark

Each performer brings their own unique flair and personality to the stage. Michelle Moist captivates audiences with her sensual and seductive performance, while Roxxy Clark’s energy and charisma create a captivating experience. Both have their own individual appeal, offering something for everyone’s taste.

The key differences in their performances

Michelle Moist’s performances exude sensuality, while Roxxy Clark brings high-energy and excitement. Michelle focuses on creating an intimate connection, while Roxxy engages the audience with her captivating presence. Each performer caters to different preferences.

Their unique contributions to the Babestation Show

Roxxy Clark brings her expertise in fetish modeling and domination, while Michelle Moist connects with viewers through her experience in the adult entertainment industry. Both performers prioritize engaging with their audience and respecting boundaries. The Babestation show provides a safe and professional environment for them to express themselves.

Roxxy Clarke on Babestation in yellow bikini

Notable episodes featuring Michelle Moist and Roxxy ClarkWhat is the Friday Night Show ?

“The Friday Night Show” showcases adult content and interviews with Babestation Stars previous episodes including

The Babestation Show – 25 AugBeth Bennett & Stella Paris

The Babestation Show – 26 AugAmber Paige & Jennifer Wilde

The Babestation Show – 17 Aug April Mae & Amber Paige

The Babestation Show – 04 Aug – April Mae & Amber Paige

Running Order

  • Being rich and ugly vs beautiful and broke
  • Having a big bum vs big boobs
  • Hair for teeth vs teeth for hair
  • Sweating mayonnaise vs having spaghetti for hair
  • Giving up cheese vs giving up alcohol
  • Never wearing underwear vs always wearing granny pants
  • Dating an ugly rich man vs a poor hot man
  • Comparing hand sizes, heights, and shoe sizes
  • Leaking phone photo library vs messages online
  • Crying every time they orgasm vs orgasming every time they cry
  • Finding a person vs a thousand cockroaches in their house

Being rich and ugly [00:00:24] Discussion about whether it is better to be rich and ugly or beautiful and broke.

💰👹 Ever wondered if it’s better to be rich and ugly or beautiful and broke? We dive into this comical debate and give our hilarious insights on the subject. Don’t miss it! 🤑💄

Michelle Moist and Roxxy Clark delve into the complex dynamics of beauty and wealth. They explore the pros and cons of being rich and ugly versus beautiful and broke, offering different perspectives on societal expectations and personal preferences.

Big arse or big boobs [00:01:01] Conversation about personal preference between having a big arse or big boobs.


🍑🍈 Big bums or big boobs? We’re tackling the age-old question with a dash of humor! Cling onto your chairs as we explore the quirks and preferences. Get ready to have a hilarious time 😂🍑🍈

In a lighthearted and playful conversation, Michelle Moist and Roxxy Clark debate the age-old question: big arse or big boobs?

Hair for teeth or teeth for hair [00:02:31] funny discussion about a scenario of having hair for teeth or teeth for hair

💭🤔 If given a choice, what would you prefer – hair for teeth or teeth for hair? It might sound strange, but hold your response! 🦷💁‍♀️ Ponder on this perplexing query and let your imagination run wild!

In a lighthearted and humorous conversation, the hypothetical scenario of having hair for teeth or teeth for hair is explored. This odd scenario prompts reflection on physical appearance and oral hygiene.

Big hands or big feet? [00:09:36] discussion whether they would rather have massive hands or massive feet.

No, it is not a matter of preference as to whether someone would rather have massive hands or massive feet.

Michelle Moist in BDSM outfit

Phone photo library or phone messages leaked? [00:10:50] phone photo library or phone messages leaked online.

When it comes to sharing personal content online, it’s important to consider your privacy and security. Leaked phone photo libraries or messages can be embarrassing and potentially harmful.

Cry every time you orgasm or orgasm every time you cry? [00:11:41]

Michelle Moist and Roxxy Clark engage in a captivating discussion on the Babeststaion Show about whether they would rather cry every time they orgasm or orgasm every time they cry. The conversation delves into the emotional and physical aspects of both scenarios, offering thought-provoking insights into personal preferences.

The ‘Would You Rather’ debate

The ‘Would You Rather’ debate between Michelle Moist and Roxxy Clark sparks discussions and opinions. Some audiences prefer Michelle Moist for her mesmerizing performances, while others gravitate towards Roxxy Clark’s unique appeal. Learn about the different perspectives on this question.

🔥😈 Brave statement: I’m ready to embrace life without underwear, no strings attached! 😱💃 No restrictions, no worries! How do you feel about skipping the unmentionables? Share your thoughts and let the wild imagination take flight!

What makes Michelle Moist a preferred choice?

Michelle Moist captivates audiences with her sensual performances, creating an intimate and personalized experience. Her seductive and alluring presence draws viewers in, while her unique qualities make her a preferred choice for certain audience demographics. Discover why Michelle Moist stands out and resonates with fans. Michelle doesn’t give a fuck what people think

Why might audiences prefer Roxxy Clark?

Audiences are drawn to Roxxy Clark’s high-energy performances because they create an atmosphere of excitement and fun.

Some audience members appreciate Roxxy Clark’s interactive and engaging performance style, which helps keep them entertained throughout her show. Overall, Roxxy Clark’s energetic lesbian performances are popular for their ability to capture the attention of audiences of all ages.


In conclusion, both Michelle Moist and Roxxy Clark have made a significant impact on the Babestation Show with their unique styles and performances. Michelle Moist brings her charm and versatility to the show, captivating audiences with her presence. On the other hand, Roxxy Clark stands out with her exciting moments and influential presence in the industry. Their distinct appeals and contributions have added flavor to the Babestation Show, making it a must-watch for viewers.

If you’re a fan of the show, you won’t want to miss notable episodes featuring Michelle Moist and Roxxy Clark. So, would you rather choose Michelle Moist or Roxxy Clark? Tune in to the Babestation Show to see these talented individuals in action and make your own decision.