Fans have been talking a lot lately about the babeshow babes and their celebrity lookalikes so we thought we’d compile a list of the most talked about babe/celeb comparisons. Let’s see if you can agree with these doppelgänger suggestions as mentioned by the fans on the forum.

Daryl Morgan/Kate Beckinsale 

Veteran Babeshow girl Daryl Morgan has often  been compared to Underworld actress Kate Beckinsale and I can totally see it across the eyes. However, Kate’s small perky boobs have got nothing on our Daryl’s big DD tits! What do you think?!

Camilla/Jessica Rabbit

With Camilla’s tall slender frame and big tits it’s no wonder that she’s often been likened to Roger Rabbit’s smoking hot Mrs, Jessica Rabbit. Camilla actually dressed up as the iconic character once and she even had the red hair to complete the look. I wonder if Camilla can carry a tune too?!

Lynda Leigh/Carol Vorderman

Milf Lynda is the hottest cougar on the live babeshows and she’s definitely the mum we’d like to fuck. With her toned athletic figure, peachy ass and a penchant for sexy lingerie it’s hardly surprising that Lynda has been compared to another hot Milf, former Countdown host, Carol Vorderman.

Dallas Morgan/Angelina Jolie

You don’t have to look too hard to see who Dallas Morgan resembles. With big BJ lips, green eyes and big tits, Dallas is virtually indistinguishable from Lara Croft star, Angelina Jolie and if you’ve ever spoken to her on TV or webcam you’ll know she’s got the sex appeal to match!

Mikaela Witt/Avril Lavigne

If you want a ‘Happy Ending’ then Mikaela Witt is ready to give it to you over the phone or via webcam where she loves to strip nude and topless for her viewers. She may not be into Sk8er Boi’s but she’s often been compared to rock chick and emo punk princess, Avril Lavigne.

babeshow doppelgangers

Brookie Little/Margaret Nolan

Babeshow icon Brookie Little is often compared to the late actress, Margaret Ann Nolan, who was an English actress glamour model, best known for her appearances in Goldfinger, A Hard Day’s Night and six of the Carry On films. I can see the resemblance in these two beauties, especially with their curvy figures and big tits

Yvette Merriman/Jamie Lee Curtis

Bristol-born babeshow veteran Yvette Merriman has a tall slender supermodel figure and perfect boobs just like True Lies starlet, Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s a pity we never got the see Yvette spinning around a bedpost and stripping off for Arnold Schwarzenegger!

babeshow doppelgangers

Ella Jolie/Cheryl Cole

Petite babeshow legend Ella Jolie has been told by fans that she is the spitting Image of lads mags fave, Cheryl Cole and we can totally see if too – cheeky smile, petite figure, small boobs and sultry brown eyes. The resemblance is uncanny but I bet Ella is way better at phone sex!

babeshow doppelgangers

Let us know if you think any of our other babes have a celeb lookalike!