If you’re a fan of the babe channel forums, you may have see or contributed to the thread, babeshow babes in music videos. Throughout the years our babes and presenters have appeared in multiple mainstream TV shows and movies, with some landing some pretty big gigs. Not only can our models shake their ass on the babeshows but they can also twerk up a storm for a big budget music video or two. The forum has some good examples on the subject, which we’ve included here as well as a few extras you may not have seen anywhere else!

Giggs – Baby 

Dallas Morgan, Goddess M

Blonde glamour girls Goddess M and Dallas Morgan starred in Giggs’ artistic video for the song ‘Baby’ in 2019 and I’m sure you’ll agree they absolutely slayed it. It’s not hard to spot these two sirens and their killer curves!

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Ghaati Trance – Jaspreet Jasz, Sonnu Kakkar

Ashley Emma

Babeshow icon Ashley Emma stole the show in Ghaati Trance’s 2016 video for Pushkar Jog and she looked sensational in her Hindi inspired outfit that displayed her curves perfectly. This song was a favourite with Marathi film and TV and was directed by Sachin Gupta and sung by Jaspreet Jasz and Sonu Kakkar.

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Doom Man – Have You Any Flows 

Tiffany, Dani O’Neal, Donna Duke

Babeshow veterans Dani O’Neal, Tiffany Chambers and Donna Duke were the main stars in Doom Man’s 2008 classic song ‘Have You Any Flows’. In the video, Donna plays Doom Man’s girlfriend who shakes him out of his babeshow daydream.

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Soulwax – E Talking 

Reede Fox

E Talking was a popular song by Belgian electro duo Soulwax released in 2004. The video gave an alphabetical rundown of all the drugs across the board from Amphetamines and Barbiturates right through to Zoloft. Reede Fox was ‘Ecstasy’ and she was seen drugging an undercover police officer’s drink in the video.

50 Cent feat Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology 

Jemma Jey & Porcha

Ayo Technology is the fourth single from 50 Cent’s third album, Curtis. The song also featured vocals Justin Timberlake and Timberland, who also produced the song. The song is about a man who is tired of using technology and you can see Jemma Jey & Porcha shaking their thing in the video.

David Guetta – The World is mine


Porcha is mega popular among recording artists as she stars in another music video. This time for David Guetta’s hit song ‘The World is Mine’ where she dresses up as a sexy nurse. The track was released as the third single from Guetta’s second album, Guetta Blaster, and was released in 2004.

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