Another installment in the Babeshows History series and we follow up last week’s blog, Babeshows: A History 2 with another list of sexy babes who achieved a legendary status in the world of live babeshows.

Kandi Kay – Redlight TV

Kandi Kay started her babeshows career on Babecast after starting out pole dancing and then being spotted by one of the Babestation managers in the Sun’s Page 3.   She also appeared on Sexstation where she was known as ‘Candy’.  She then went on to help launch ‘Partyland‘ in March, 2009 on FV CH50.  In 2010, she changed her name to Kandi’ to avoid confusion with fellow ‘Candy’, Candy Sexton and after Sexstation became a web only show she moved to Babestation.  During her time at Babestation she soon become a fan favourite, her big natural tits and cute, girl next door smile and affable Liverpudlian banter making her stand out from many other babeshow babes.  On 5th Feb 2012, Kandi made her debut on Red Light Central.  RLC had channels on SKY 902 (PlayboyTV Chat), 911 (Red Light 1), 948 (Red Light 3), 950 (Red Light 4) which is where she stayed until 16th July 2014 when she switched over to Studio 66 after RLC was sold to XXXPanded.  She can still be seen on S66 Chat today.

Faye Rampton – Sport XXX Babes


Faye Rampton made her debut on one of the original babeshows, Sport XXX Babes.    This is also the babe channel that saw fellow UK Pornstars Angel Long and Busty Cookie make their starts as well as current Babestation regular, Sophie Hart back in 2011.  Before the Ofcom, Sport XXX Babes used to be famous for pushing their performances to the limit of what could be allowed on babe tv, including girl/girl lesbian shows and girl/girl/girl threesome style sections.  However this extreme level of performance was not to last and Sport XXX Babes eventually became part of Bluebird TV.  After a brief appearance on Sexstation Faye took some time out from babeshows before coming back, making a surprise appearance on daytime babeshow, ‘Babeworld’ on 9th of November 2011 then returning to Bluebird after that.

In 2014 Faye started on Babestation Unleashed webshow where the XXX nature of the show allowed her to perform unhindered by Ofcom regulations.  For two years she delighted fans with her filthy porn shows and dirty phone sex chat.  From 2016 until recently her appearances have been extremely sporadic, making occasional appearances on Studio 66’s Golden Girls, MILF based show until it was announced on the babeshow forums on 25th Oct 2020 that Faye is back, so keep an eye out for her on Studio66 once again!

Karina Currie – Partyland


If you were to view the timeline of Babeshows, you’d see that Babecast was one of the very first babeshows that would eventually evolve into Babestation.  And one of the first babes to ever feature on Babecast was Karina Currie.  The interactive nature of the shows, where babes would respond to text requests from viewers suited Karina well as she had a great confidence on the mic and rapport with her audience.  She also had a dirty side as her years on the UK Porn circuit making movies ranging from ‘Academy of Kink’ to ‘Wet Dreams 11: Barely Legal British Wenches’ will attest to.  Karina got to exercise this naughty streak when she moved on to babe channels such as Live XXX and Blue Kiss.   Live XXX would consists of an hour or two of free to air then viewers would pay to see the live porn content.  These channels eventually morphed into Sexstation which went out on SKY Ch 943, though the harder nature of Sexstation meant it wouldn’t go out on Freeview, it’s sister channel, Partyland would and in being able to temper her performances to suit both platforms, Karina became the babeshow’s most versatile performers, also appearing on Babestation, Babestation X and Sexstation after it became a web only show at the end of the noughties.  After taking some time out, Karina returned on 17th May 2015, appearing on the short-lived babeshow, Sin TV, CH 942.  Then on May 10th 2017 she made her RLC debut before making brief appearances back on Babestation and finally S66.

Tammy Oldham – Live XXX

Tammy Oldham‘s babeshow debut was alongside a young Jada on Babestar CH 916.  Until is was hit with a massive Ofcom fine of £175,000 and subsequently vanished.  Undeterred, Tammy joined her fellow UK Pornstar Karina Currie to do live free to air and encrypted sections on Live XXX where the lack of compliance restrictions suited her down to the ground and she was able to let loose and be her true filthy self.  When Live XXX became Sexstation, Tammy took a break from babeshows then on the 8th of December 2010 she returned on independent channel, Club Paradiso which later became Storm TV.  However, the channel she is most associated with has to be the web only incarnation of Sexstation.  For years she was a regular feature on the show which gave her free reign to be her filthy best.

French Chloe – Sexstation

French Chloe made her debut on Sex Station on 29th March 2009.  She had already had a long career in the porn industry since 2005.  Chloe broke the mold by starting her own forum account and interacting with her fans directly, which cemented herself a hardcore following that lasts to this day.  Chloe switched between TV and web, appearing on Babecast and Live960, making a Christmas debut on 20th December 2009.  Live960 was a precurser to Bluebird TV and had a special arrangement with Babestatation where it would occasionally broadcast on Freeview CH 99.  After Live960 Chloe moved on to Club Paradiso then on 14th May 2010 she went to TVX Dirty Talk, ch 920 then later making an appearance on the ill fated Xtreme Filth on SKY CH 942.  This was an offshoot of Studio 66 but after what some forum commentators called a ‘shambolic’ launch, the channel faded away.  French Chloe was next seen on to RLC in April 2017.  There she stayed until the channel was lost to XXXPanded.  You can now join French Chloe for a filthy cam show on Babestation Cams.