Babestation Digital Collectibles – Which Babes Are Featured?

To celebrate 20 years of Babestation, we will be releasing a range of digital collectibles in partnership with M-Verse on the 3rd December 2022. The digital collectibles use the NFT medium to offer highly collectable digital artwork based on the blockchain.

Fans can buy the digital collectibles on the 3rd December 2022 at the Mverse website, and pre-registration is open now – so click here to register your interest.

The digital collectibles will be limited to 100,000 and will consist of 10 exclusive pictures of each Babestation model, with 10 models, past and present, featured in total. Each model picture will be limited to 1000 editions, and presented in a Polaroid type format.

In addition there is the super limited edition Babestation ‘Scrapbook’. One thousand lucky fans will be able to get their hands on these! They will feature exclusive, Babestation footage, and private steamy messages from models. A fantastic one-off Babestation collectible.

The Babestation team have picked out a range of top Babestation babes from throughout our history:

Preeti Young

Preeti Young - NFT - Digital Collectible

One half of ‘The Tantric Twins’ Preeti Young along with her sister Priya, has been a mainstay on Babestation for over ten years, with brief stop offs on Red Light Central and Studio 66 along the way.  A pure night time babe, Preeti did a couple of daytime shows early on but hated the restrictions on what she could show and how she could perform and found a much more suitable home on the naked night time babeshows and on pervcam where she can really let loose.  Often performing with her sister Priya or with other night show babes like Lori Buckby or Alice Goodwin.

Priya YoungPriya Young - NFT - Digital Collectible

The second half of ‘The Tantric Twins’, Priya’s popularity has been a constant with every babeshow she has appeared on from Xpanded TV to Red Light Central to Studio 66 but especially on Babestation where she continues to appear on the night time show, her spiritual home since she first made her debut on there with her sister over ten years ago.  When not appearing on TV, Priya frequently strips completely naked in naughty JOI videos and picture sets which can be seen in the Babestation VIP members area.

Beth Bennett

Beth Bennett - NFT - Digital Collectible

Born in New Zealand but has been living in England many many years, Beth first got the idea to apply for Babestation after seeing an advert for the Babestation Blue spin-off show, ‘Babestation Apprentice’ while she was working as a bar-tender in London.  Since her debut appearance, Beth has fit right in and has stayed with Babestation ever since.  She has also gone on to build a thriving career in the British porn industry taking her talents to Brazzers, Lady Voyeur and Mr Rain’s Sexy Wrestling, not to mention Babestation’s own hardcore channel, BSX.

Macy Kate (Ava White)

Babestation Digital Collectable

Before making her debut on Babestation on 8th November 2019, Macy Kate was most well-known for her appearances on Studio 66.  Since joining Babestation however, her day show audience has been spoilt by her sexy outfit choices that accentuate her big juicy boobs and fine, toned ass.  All hinting at what could be in store for you if you were to take her off-screen for a private, playful pervcam session.  Careful you don’t get on the wrong side of her however as keen wrestler Macy knows just what to do to get you on your back and submit you for the one-two-three count.

Megan RoxMegan Rox - Babestation NFTs - Digital Collectibles

Before joining Babestation, Megan Rox was a care assistant at a nursing and palliative care facility for 5 years. Then the stresses of the job, exacerbated by the pandemic caused her to give her career a re-think and she ended up joining the ranks of the most popular babe channel currently broadcasting on a 24/7 basis!  She quickly became one of the most popular newcomers we’ve had in recent years, becoming Babe of the Month in July 2022 and making hearts pound with her fully naked, fully open leg pervcam and BSX shows.

Amber Paige

Amber Paige prides herself on being able to cater to any kink or fetish you may have, whether it’s bondage, humiliation, spanking, foot worship or pussy play.  Call Amber’s phone and you are guaranteed to walk away satisfied and eager for your next encounter with this beautiful brunette.  Some fun facts about Amber Paige, she can handle small spiders but the big hairy tarantulas will freak her out and her dream holiday destination is Bali.  Look out for her next joint show with April Mae and Megan Rox if you really want to experience some XXX excitement with this top babe.

Alice Goodwin

Alice Goodwin - Babestation NFTs - Babeshows Digital Collectibles

Before becoming a household name as one of the nation’s hottest WAGs, Alice was already making a name for herself as one of the premiere centre-folds, gracing the covers of some of the top lads mags of the day.  From Zoo, Nuts and FHM to Page 3 of The Sun and The Sport, Alice’s progression to the babe channels came naturally.  Before long Alice become the biggest draw to Studio 66’s line-up.  When she made the move to Babestation, revealing her naughtiest and most naked ever performances both on the babeshows and on pervcam her status as a babe channel legend was cemented.

April Mae

April Mae - Babestation NFTs - Babeshows Digital Collectibles

April Mae is another relative newcomer, compared to some other more experienced names.  Never the less, her impact on the babeshows has been massive.  Appearing on both the daytime and night time shows, April’s broad appeal has made her a stand-out babe.  Not only that but together with fellow fresh faces, Amber Paige and Megan Rox, they are committed to bringing down the price of their joint shows for those feeling the economic pinch, April says, “I want to have options for people who don’t have much money right now and make things more affordable.”

Sophie Reade

Sophie Reade - Babestation NFTs - Digital Collectibles

In 2009, Sophie Reade entered the Big Brother house for season ten of the long running reality show.  93 days later, she exited as the winner with 74.4% of the vote.  Since then she has continued her work as a glamour model, posing for Nuts, Zoo and Page 3 as well as spreads in UK Playboy magazine.  Later she capitalised on her celebrity further by becoming one of the most popular babe channels models in history.  First starting on S66 then moving over to Babestation where she can currently be joined on pervcam and providing a filthy adult phone chat experience on the live night-time babeshows.

Ashlyn Shaw

Ashlyn Shaw - Babestation NFTs - Digital Collectible

Ashlyn Shaw first came over to Babestation from Studio 66 and hit our pervcam screens with her unique blend of filthy phonesex and hot, naked performance, always giving her audience 100% effort and energy and putting on a show that kept them coming back again and again.  From pervcam she steadily made more and more live babeshow appearances, where the live babe TV audience got to see what all the fuss was about.  Since then her audience has done nothing but expand, as has the strength of her increasingly dirty live cam shows.  Check out her next one to see what toys she uses and what she gets up to next!

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