Starting this week and going forward, this series of blogs has moved from it’s usual place on Babestation cams blog to it’s new home here.  For those who are new, we look back on some of the old Studio 66 schedules, for a nostalgic look at who was appearing on the babe channels around ten years ago and who can you still recognise appearing on the babeshows today.  There’s also some historical trivia thrown in for that very same date, throughout history.

12th December In History

1946: Tide detergent is sold for the first time. On the same day, the United Nations accepts six Manhattan blocks as a gift from John D Rockefeller Jr.

1953: Test pilot Chuck Yeager reaches Mach 2.43 in Bell X-1A rocket plane.

1955: The first prototype of the hovercraft is patented by Christopher Cockerell.

1957: Still married to his first wife Jane Mitcham, Jerry Lee Lewis secretly married his 13-year old second cousin Myra Gale Brown.

Sunday 12th December 2010 Studio 66 Schedule

studio 66
Dionne Daniels

From across the babeshows, from Red Light Central, Xpanded and Sexstation, these are the sexy talking phone sex operators taking you calls on Studio 66:

morning: Becky Roberts, Cara Brett
daytime: Rachel Louise, Sophia Lares
nighttime: Ashley Emma, Dionne Daniels


12th December In History

1963: Frank Sinatra Jr is released by his kidnappers.

1964: Shooting begins for the pilot episode of Star Trek.

1970: The Doors played their last ever live show with Jim Morrison at The Warehouse in New Orleans.

1975: Sara Jane Moore pleads guilty to trying to kill US President Gerald Ford.

Monday 12th December 2011 S66Cams

studio 66
Fernanda Ferrari

Also streaming on rampant tv

Morning – Caitlin Wynters
Daytime – Fernanda Ferrari, Lucy-Anne Brooks, Paige Green
Nighttime – Adele, Ashley Emma, Charlie O’Neal, Jessica Jensen, Lilly Roma


12th December In History

1998: A seven inch single by The Quarry Men featuring John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison was named as the rarest record of all time. Only 50 copies were made with each copy valued at £10,000.

2001: Actress Winona Ryder is arrested on shoplifting charges in Beverly Hills.

2003: Mick Jagger was knighted by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

2007: Ike Turner dies of a cocaine overdose aged 76.

Wednesday 12th December 2012 Studio66TV Schedule

Studio 66
Alexis Texas

This year saw the introduction of real life American porn queen, Alexis Texas, talking dirty on the nighttime babe shows. This live babe took it to the extreme on the phone sex lines and gave a filthy performance.

Morning – Talia
Daytime – Adele Taylor, Anastasia Harris, Gemma Hiles, Vicky T
Nighttime – porn star Alexis Texas, Katie K, Lilly Roma, Sammi Tye, Sapphire Blue, Gemma Hiles (21:00-23:00)
Pervcam – Gemma Hiles (23:30-01:30)

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