It’s going to be another Summer Scorcher this weekend boys, and have we got some talent for you!

We begin tonight with the ever filthy Dirty Jada.  She’ll be live on Babestation X at the usual time.  You can watch her on Freeview Channel 174 for £3.00 or you can watch her on the Babestation X website for £1.50.  Either way it’s value for money you just can’t afford to miss.  Jada has been part of the Babestation team for so long we forget when she joined.  We’ll be catching up with her real soon though I hope, so that I can get that ever sort after interview with her.  We’ll find out a little more about he legend that is Dirty Jada, mark my words!

Live Babestation X show with Dirty Jada
Jada in the shower

And then on Saturday of course, we have an event you’re not going to want to miss.  She was very popular last time on Babestation X and she’s likely to be just as popular (if not more) this time around.  Her first appearance on Babestation X was on her birthday in May, but she’s been loving it ever since that time and she’s back – It’s Brookie Little of course.  Her not so little tits will be swinging and banging their way all over your screens on Saturday night!  The same prices apply as I just mentioned.  A great value live show where Brookie can go a little further than she usually would…  Can’t wait!

Live Babestation X show with Brookie Little
Live Babestation X show with Brookie Little

Babestation – Bringing you the big names for a “little” price!