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Prior to joining Babestation, Priya Young had no prior experience in front of the camera. However, she effortlessly displayed her natural talent during her first appearance on screen while being naked, which instantly caught the attention of Babestation. Viewers were captivated by her alluring physique and unique features, making her and her twin sister Preeti a beloved choice among fans.

Priya’s First Babeshow Appearance

When Preeti and Priya first appeared on Babestation at the age of 23, neither of them had any previous experience with television or adult phone chat. When asked about their early experiences and thoughts when they received their first call, Priya recalled feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness.

In an interview, Priya explains:

It was the funnest night! We were only meant to do a few hours but they asked us to stay the whole night. There was a really good group of people in that night and when we finished we went to an after party club at 6am!”.

Together, they formed the highly sought-after duo known as Preeti and Priya – The Young twins. To witness Priya in her unclothed state, you can tune into the night show or access the pervcam feature.

Priya Young Phone Sex

The phone sex sessions offered by the girls, where you could get two for the price of one, were extremely popular. They enjoyed appearing together on the screen, and Preeti and Priya would often make an effort to coordinate their outfits, leaving fans eagerly wanting more. During that period, they seemed to prefer sexy lingerie that was both simple and elegant, along with silk stockings and short skirts. Anything that showcased their big tits and big asses appeared to be particularly alluring.

Preeti and Priya, both highly accomplished models, each have their own Instagram and Twitter accounts. However, when they collaborate, their combined power is unstoppable. In addition to being content creators and webcam models, the ladies also have videos and picture sets in the gallery including, Priya Young Booty On The Babe Channels.

The Young twins have achieved great popularity in the UK live babe channel, making them strong contenders for a spot on most fans' top 10 lists. Their commitment and diligent work have been rewarded in an industry filled with short-lived performers who are unable to sustain their success.

When Priya Young and her twin sister Preeti joined us on the live babeshows in 2010, little did we know how famous they would become. Referred to as the 'Tantric Twins' for a period of time, they effortlessly embraced the babe channels, particularly Babestation, and quickly rose to fame as two of the most beloved performers. With more than ten years of appearances, there is an abundance of nude content featuring Priya Young available in the VIP Members Area, including videos of both Preeti and Priya Young together! Besides Babestation, Priya Young also made appearances on Red Light Central and Xpanded. However, it is Babestation that will always be her true home, and you can exclusively find the closest thing to Priya Young porn in our Members Area!

Priya Young Free VIP Content

Priya On The Babe Channels

Priya Young is well-known on the show for her mischievous and playful nature, particularly when it comes to wearing revealing lingerie for the viewers. She caters to a wide range of interests and desires, including BDSM, foot fetish, and role play. One of her favorite sections involves dressing up as a naughty secretary, complete with nylon stockings and a pencil skirt. Priya has no reservations about getting completely naked on webcam, including on Pervcam. Once you catch a glimpse of her fit, tattooed nude body, you won't be able to resist her.


You will be captivated and allured by her beautiful 34D breasts and peachy ass. If you already find her impressive while shaking her booty, just wait until you witness her naked curves, which are wet and glistening as she steps into the shower for a sensual shower performance. When she is not appearing on Babestation & Pervcam, Priya can be found engaging in explicit activities on webcam, where she enjoys using her fingers and playing with toys. In addition to that, she indulges in naughty sleepovers with her friends. However, these slumber parties involve more than just hair braiding and watching Netflix. Priya likes to access her Babestation cams profile during these intimate gatherings to put on a lesbian girl-girl show that truly showcases her wild side.


Priya is a highly intelligent businesswoman who relies on both her intellect and charm. Throughout the years, she has successfully established various business ventures alongside Preeti Young. These include a health food business, a glamour website where she sells pictures, as well as her own unique line of adult videos featuring the use of her favorite Priya Young dildo and other sexual aids. Despite her dedication to work, Priya also knows how to have fun. She greatly enjoys socializing and partying in London with her close friends, many of whom she met through platforms like Babestation and Red Light Central. See Priya among other big ass babes in Babeshow Booty Big Ass Babes Of Babestation.

British porn legends Paige Turnah, Brookie Little, Olivia Berzinc, and the sisters Preeti and Priya Young enjoy dining at top-notch restaurants. They strongly believe that traveling expands one's perspective, which is why they frequently embark on spontaneous trips to exotic destinations worldwide.


Priya is renowned for her exceptional skills in the field of phone sex, having made appearances on popular platforms such as Xpanded and Studio 66 TV. Should you have the opportunity to engage in a conversation with her, it is highly recommended that you make the most of it. Prepare to be captivated by her voluptuous figure, which includes a curvaceous backside, shapely hips, and ample bosom. Additionally, she offers an extensive array of enticing outfits to cater to various fantasies and fetishes involving Priya Young. These may include stockings, nylon pantyhose, a catsuit, a secretary ensemble, or simply being completely naked. For an explicit and intimate experience, witness Priya Young's uninhibited solo webcam show where she can be found in the nude or indulging in a steamy shower. Furthermore, she occasionally partakes in provocative lesbian performances alongside one of her attractive acquaintances on her Priya Young Onlyfans account.

In spite of their lack of experience, Preeti and Priya had a successful first shift at work, receiving a steady stream of calls from interested customers. As time went on, it became evident that they possessed the necessary qualities to thrive in this industry. They demonstrated impressive endurance and a natural aptitude for entertaining callers. Their initial triumph marked the beginning of their journey towards achieving recognition as prominent figures in the world of adult phone chat and glamour. Since rising to the top at Babestation, the dynamic duo has been flourishing in their profession. On camera, the sisters often wore matching outfits such as lace lingerie, stockings, suspenders, and roleplay costumes. This led to them being referred to as the Tantric Twins.


Priya Young Babeshows History

When you come across the phrase 'double trouble,' it is likely that Preeti and Priya, the UK's most popular glamour model twins, come to mind! These two stunning brunettes made their first appearance on Babestation in August 2010, catching everyone off guard with their long-lasting presence on the babeshow scene. Yes, you read that right – the twins have been entertaining you for a joyful decade. Let's reminisce about their remarkable journey and rise to television stardom over the years.

Preeti and Priya were both 23 years old when they initially joined Babestation, filled with enthusiasm to familiarize themselves with the phone sex and glamour industry. Their initial shift was successful, with numerous calls pouring in for the captivating duo. As their first month on the show concluded, it became evident that Preeti and Priya possessed the resilience and talent to excel in this field.

During the initial period, Preeti and Priya were selected as the representatives for Partyland, a relatively unknown Freeview channel at that time. However, as the twins started gaining popularity, they were promoted to the esteemed Babestation 1 and Babestation Xtra. The sisters thoroughly enjoyed appearing together on screen and their combined phone sections were always in high demand. They also made an effort to coordinate their outfits during the show, establishing themselves as a captivating 'Twin Show' that left fans eager for more. At that time, their preferred attire consisted of tasteful yet alluring lingerie, stockings, dresses, and bikinis - anything that accentuated their flawless figures.

Over the course of their extensive decade-long journey in the glamorous world, Preeti and Priya have diversified their portfolio and showcased their talents in numerous popular television programs, such as "My Mum's Hotter Than Me," as well as featuring in a short film called "Hello Stranger."


Priya Young, an attractive model with a mix of Indian and Irish heritage, has been a prominent figure on babe channels since 2010. She is joined by her twin sister, Preeti Young. The sisters first gained attention when they appeared topless in The Daily Sport. Their appeal as hot 18+ twins quickly attracted the attention of agents, resulting in numerous offers for nude and lingerie photo shoots as well as opportunities in the adult film industry. However, Priya declined offers from Pornhub and Brazzers, as she was more interested in pursuing a career in television. To make this happen, she reached out to Babestation via Twitter and subsequently became a TV presenter and live hardcore phonesex operator on the babe channel alongside her sister.

Despite having limited prior experience in the modeling industry, Priya Young quickly adapted to appearing on live babeshows and experienced a rapid rise to fame. She transformed from being relatively unknown to becoming an iconic glamour model and webcam star, as she is known today. Initially, Priya and her twin sister Preeti would frequently engage in 2-4-1 live phone sex sessions, where they would arouse their callers with erotic JOI sex chat and share fantasy stories involving oral sex and intimate play. The sisters often appeared on screen wearing matching outfits such as lace lingerie, stockings, suspenders, and roleplay costumes. Viewers of babeshows like Studio 66, S66Cams or RLC were captivated by Preeti and Priya Young, resulting in their nude and topless photographs as well as pornographic videos outselling those of most other models on the show.

Priya Young Videos

Priya Young Peeling Off Her Stockings Presenting the stunning beauty, Priya Young, known for her curvaceous figure and captivating charm. In this alluring lingerie, she exudes undeniable sex appeal. Witness as she gracefully removes her stockings, revealing her flawless legs and delicate feet. Priya Young, the sister of Preeti, both renowned twins who joined Babestation in 2010, have since become highly recognizable figures in the world of babe channels and British cam girls. They have worked with esteemed platforms such as SexStation, Redlight Central, XXXPanded, and Babestation Cams. Priya continues to make occasional appearances on live shows for Babestation TV and regularly engages in live webcam sessions. Additionally, exclusive hardcore videos featuring Priya Young from as early as 2010 are available for viewing in the VIP Members Area.

Priya recently appeared on the Option One Podcast, watch her Priya Young Option One Podcast EP 10.

I believe we have exhausted all possible superlatives when it comes to describing Priya Young at this point. She is considered royalty in the world of babeshows, having appeared on other shows such as Studio 66 and being one half of the Tantric Twins alongside her sister Preeti. As a Babestation legend for over a decade, she continues to captivate audiences. This video, Watch Busty Priya Young in Thigh High Boots provided is a preview from one of her recent shoots with us. If you are interested in seeing a more revealing side of Priya Young, you can access the full version in the members area. Additionally, if you are looking for something more interactive, Priya Young is available during the Babestation night shift five times per month starting from 10pm. You can engage in some affordable cheap phone sex or explore more explicit content with features like Pervcam and sex toys. You can also see Priya having fun behind the scenes when you Watch Babeshow Babes Play Speak Out.

Priya and Preeti on Social Media

Priya Young, a brunette with a slender physique and ample bosom and big bum, has gained significant attention on Instagram alongside her sister due to their provocative images and videos showcasing their derrieres. When Priya is not engaging in explicit conversations at the Babestation studio, she can often be found disrobing on webcam platforms such as Pervcam. Her goal is to fulfill your fantasies and desires. Whether she is participating in a steamy lesbian performance with friends Paige Turnah and Brookie Little or indulging in intimate moments while using a dildo, rest assured that she will provide an unforgettable experience. Priya possesses extensive knowledge of various fetishes and kinks, making her the ultimate authority in satisfying your desires and maintaining arousal throughout your time together on camera. Feel free to discuss any explicit fantasies you may have, ranging from JOI (jerk off instruction), anal sex, deep throat action, and threesome encounters to foot worship, domination, and bondage. To view Priya's photos and videos, please visit the Babestation VIP members area.

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