Originally curated by M-L-L on the Babeshow Forum Thread, ‘Babestation On This Day’ comes this collection of a week’s worth of images and trivia from Babestation’s recent history of live babeshows and the world’s very un-recent history.

29th June In Babeshows and History

(None for this date)

Studio 66 (S66) Schedule
Tuesday 29th June 2010
Breakfast – Becky Roberts
Daytime – Ava Blue & Vikki Thomas
Nighttime – Charlie O’Neal & Sophia Knight

30th June In Babeshows and History

(None for this date)

But you can read more about the entire history of babeshows.

Wednesday 30th June 2010
Breakfast – Ava Blue
Daytime – Becky Roberts & Sammie Pennington
Nighttime – Cali Garcia, Caty Cole & Dani Maye

1st July In Babeshows and History

1905 Albert Einstein introduces his theory of special relativity.

111 years later in the BSX studio, up in front of the shutter is Lori Buckby, always viewed by the forum as one of the babe channel‘s most ‘special’ choices, relatively speaking


Thursday 1st July 2010
Breakfast – Becky Roberts
Daytime – Hannah Martin & Vikki Thomas
Nighttime – Dionne Daniels, Hannah Prentice & Sophia Knight

2nd July In Babeshows and History

1698 Thomas Savery patents the first steam engine.

2016 Hannah Claydon demonstrates early “hands free” phone technology for BS Daytime’s “hands on” viewers to let off some steam….


Friday 2nd July 2010
Breakfast – Sophia Lares
Daytime – Rachel Louise & Ava Blue
Nighttime – Cali Garcia, Caty Cole, Charlie O’Neal & Dionne Daniels

Also seen on Red Light Central, Xpanded and Sexstation

3rd July In Babeshows and History

1841 John Couch Adams decides to determine the position of an unknown planet by the irregularities it causes in the motion of Uranus.
( Stop sniggering at the back there, class )

From BSX in 2015 and 2016, here’s Leigh Darby, Jenna Hoskins and Lexi Lowe


Available for adult phone chat
Saturday 3rd July 2010
Breakfast – Hannah Martin & Rachel Louise
Daytime – Sammie Pennington & Michelle Thorne
Nighttime – Michelle Thorne (9-12), Caty Cole, Danielle Maye & Sophia Knight

4th July In Babeshows and History

1653 The English Barebones Parliament goes into session.

For such an illustrious date, a selection of caps of varying degrees of bareness from 2015 and 2017:

2015 BS Daytime: Kaitlyn Laken and Charlie C

2015 BS Night Show and BSX: Preeti

2017 BSX: Ella Mai


For cheap phone sex
Sunday 4th July 2010
Breakfast – Sammie Pennington
Daytime – Sophia Lares & Vikki Thomas
Nighttime – Cali Garcia, Charlie O’Neal & Hazel Bond

5th July In Babeshows and History

1945 Labour Party under Clement Atlee wins British General Election (results not declared until 26th July)

70 years, and one Welfare State in the latter stages of systematic dismemberment, later (whoops, bit of Ben Elton bit of politics there) here’s Hannah Claydon in a low cut top…


Doing phonesex
Monday 5th July 2010
Breakfast – Sophia Lares
Daytime – Becky Roberts & Sammie Pennington
Nighttime – Hazel Bond, Kitty Lea & Sophia Knight

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