Thanks to M-L-L from the babeshow forum thread we have a weeks worth of classic caps from our old live babeshows from back in the mid 2000s.  Spanning babes from various babe channels who have landed on Babestation from Studio 66, Red Light Central, Sexstation and Xpanded.

13th July In Babeshows and History

1987 Diminutive antipodean actress Kylie Minogue releases her first UK single (a cover of Little Eva’s 1962 hit “The Locomotion”, penned by Carole King and Gerry Goffin )

2015 Here’s Cali Garcia putting her feet up in the BS study…

Cali Garcia

Wednesday 13th July 2011
Morning – Emma Spellar & Gemma Hiles
Daytime – Becky Roberts, Cara Brett & Sammi-Jo
Nighttime – Ashley Emma, Charlie O’Neal, Dionne Daniels & Sophia Lares


14th July In Babeshows and History

1789: the fall of the Bastille prison starting the French Revolution.

2014: the BS studios see appearances, amongst others, by Ashley Emma, and an oily Savannah Mai together with Preeti Young on a massage table; whether any of this can be viewed as revolutionary is very much a subjective matter.

Thursday 14th July 2011
Morning – Becky Roberts & Sammi-Jo
Daytime – Emma Spellar, Melissa Debling & Vicky Thomas
Nighttime – Adele Taylor, Ashley Emma, Charlie O’Neal & Mica Martinez


15th July In Babeshows and History

1888: Japan: the Bandai volcano erupts for the first time in a thousand years.

2016: BSX sees visits by Kerrie Lee, and Lori Buckby.


but a year later sees Lucy Summers left to survive without the aid of any fruit, possibly because of previous form with vegetables….

Lucy Summers

Se more of Kerrie in Kerrie Lee porn swimming pool.

Friday 15th July 2011
Morning – Emma Spellar
Daytime – Fernanda Ferrari, Gemma Hiles & Hannah Martin
Nighttime – Becky Roberts, Caty Cole, Dionne Daniels & Lori Buckby


16th July In Babeshows and History

1439 Kissing is banned in England, to try and prevent the spread of the Black Death.
How this was enforced is not quite clear.

2016 sees a collection of ladies on this day for BS viewers perusal…(presumably only some of which the forum would like to see banned)

Lori Buckby, Hannah Claydon, Danni Levy and Maddy Rose on BSX.


Hannah C
Danni Levy
Maddy Rose

Saturday 16th July 2011
Morning – Cara Brett & Hannah Martin
Daytime – Danica, Emma Spellar & Vicky Thomas
Nighttime – Adele Taylor, Caty Cole, Dionne Daniels & Lori Buckby


17th July In Babeshows and History

1938 Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan leaves New York flying to Los Angeles and ends up in Ireland, supposedly by mistake.

2014 Lori & Preeti


2015 Beth Bennett


Sunday 17th July 2011
Morning – Vicky Thomas
Daytime – Cara Brett & Gemma Hiles
Nighttime – Adele Taylor, Caty Cole, Gemma Hiles (21:00 – 22:00), Lori Buckby & Mica Martinez


18th July In Babeshows and History

1959 – Los Angeles Premiere of the film “The Nun’s Story” starring Audrey Hepburn.

2014 – A positive plethora of ladies that have taken the BS vows includes Ashley Emma, Caty Cole, Tiffany Chambers and Lori Buckby:

and a year later, 2015 saw Cali Garcia and Hannah Claydon on daytime duty…

and on BSX Candy Sexton and Preeti separately and together, and Candy being naughty solo on the web…

Candy Sexton


Monday 18th July 2011
Morning – Hannah Martin & Lucy-Anne
Daytime – Fernanda Ferrari, Gemma Hiles & Melissa Debling
Nighttime – Adele Taylor, Fernanda Ferrari, Mica Martinez & Rachel Louise


19th July In Babeshows and History

1941 Tom & Jerry first appear under their own names in “The Midnight Snack” cartoon by animators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

73 years later, here’s Preeti steaming up in the sauna


also of note, Jada stretching her legs on the same day both in 2014 and 2016…

and from 2015, a rare sight these days, a non-recumbent lady during the daytime, Hannah Claydon:

Tuesday 19th July 2011
Morning – Melissa Debling & Sammi-Jo
Daytime – Becky Roberts, Cara Brett & Vicky Thomas
Nighttime – Caty Cole, Lori Buckby, Paige Green & Rachel Louise

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