From the forum thread by M-L-L called, ‘Babestation On This Day‘ here’s a whole week of babe channel memories, and babeshows images images and historical facts all in one place.

17th August In Babeshows and History

1946 Publication in the UK of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

And the more equal babes amongst all the babeshow equals for this day included….

From 2014 – The phonesex babes were:  Caty Cole, Brookie Little (BSX)

Caty Cole


Brookie Little

From 2016Lori Buckby, Priya, Danni Levy, Candy Sexton (daytime)

Priya Young
Danni Levy
Candy Sexton

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2011 Studio 66 Schedule

Wednesday 17th August
Morning – Gemma Hiles,Sammi-Jo
Daytime – Becky Roberts,Emma Spellar,Vicky T
Nighttime – Adele,Dionne Daniels,Paige Green,Sophia Lares(10-2)


18th August

In Babeshows and History

1920 America ratifies the 19th Amendment, allowing women’s suffrage.
The deciding vote in favour is cast in Tennessee’s legislature by 22 year old representative Harry T. Burn, after receiving a letter from his mother.

From 2016Cali Garcia

Cali Garcia

2011 S66 Schedule

Thursday 18th August
Morning – Emma Spellar,Vicky T
Daytime – Cara Brett,Gemma Hiles,Kelly Bell
Nighttime – Ashley Emma,Charlie O’Neal, Mica Martinez,Rachel Louise,Kelly Bell(10-2)


19th August In Babeshows and History

2018 – In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Rudy Giuliani, US President Trump’s lawyer, claims that “truth isn’t truth”.

From 2015 – Sami J (Unleashed)

Sami J

From 2016 – Ashley Emma, Charley Green, Preeti, Lori

Ashley Emma
Charley G
Preeti Young

2011 Studio 66 Schedule

Friday 19th August
Morning – Lucy-Anne
Daytime – Becky Roberts,Fernanda,Vicky T
Nighttime – Ashley Emma,Caty Cole,Charlie O’Neal,Lori Buckby

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20th August

In Babeshows and History

1966 – The Beatles are pelted with rotten fruit during a concert in Memphis.

From 2014 – Sami J and British porn star Jasmine Jae (Unleashed)


Jasmine Jae and Sami J

From 2016 – Former Xpanded babe, Kerrie Lee (BSX)

Kerrie Lee

2011 Studio 66 Schedule

Saturday 20th August
Morning – Becky Roberts,Cara Brett
Daytime – Emma Spellar, Gemma Hiles, Hannah Martin
Nighttime – Caty Cole,Dionne Daniels,Lori Buckby


21st August In Babeshows and History

1841 John Hampton patents the venetian blind.

Here’s Cali Garcia from 2016

2011 Studio 66 Schedule

Sunday 21st August
Morning – Gemma Hiles,Hannah Martin
Daytime – Cara Brett,Fernanda,Sammi-Jo
Nighttime – Ashley Emma,Charlie O’Neal,Dionne Daniels,Mica Martinez,Sammi-Jo(9-10)


22nd August

In Babeshows and History

1485 Battle of Bosworth Field: Henry Tudor’s forces defeat Richard III, the last British monarch to die in battle.

From 2014, doing cheap phone sex on BSX:  Ruby Summers

Ruby Summers

From 2015 – Preeti



2011 Studio 66 Schedule

Monday 22nd August
Morning – Emma Spellar
Daytime – Fernanda,Melissa D,Sophia Lares
Nighttime – Adele,Lori Buckby,Mica Martinez,Fernanda(10-2)


23rd August in Babeshows and History

1924 – The closest approach of Mars to Earth since the 10th century.

2014 – Ruby Summers (BSX) and Beth, Alyssa Divine & sexstation babe Chessie Kay (BSX)


Beth, Alyssa, Chessie

2011 Studio 66 Schedule

Tuesday 23rd August for adult phone chat
Morning – Melissa D,Sophia Lares
Daytime – Alice Goodwin, Gemma Hiles,Vicky T
Nighttime – Dionne Daniels,Paige Green,Rachel Louise

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