What was happening in history during this week?  And what was happening on the same dates on each of the live babeshows on the babe channels?  Well this blog using posts from the M-L-L forum thread, ‘Babestation On This Day‘ aims to show you with some cheeky caps and fascinating facts.  Enjoy!

24th August In Babeshows and History

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Tuesday 24th August 2010
Morning: Kitty
Daytime: Alice Goodwin, Becky
Nighttime: Cali Garcia, Dionne, Hannah P

25th August In Babeshows and History

1968 – Tennis player Arthur Ashe is first African-American to win the US Singles championship.

2014 – Preeti Young (Preeti also appeared on Red Light Central)

Preeti Young

2016 – Priya Young (BSX)

Priya Young

See video of Priya here!

2017 – Beth (BSX)


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Wednesday 25th August 2010
Breakfast – Paige Green & Naomie Raine (trial)
Daytime – Cara Brett & Rachel Louise
Nighttime – British pornstar Delta White, Dionne Daniels & Mica Martinez

26th August In Babeshows and History

1959 British Motor Corporation introduces the Morris Mini-Minor.
10ft long, it seats 4 people.

Here’s s Major BS player from 2014 :


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Thursday 26th August 2010
Breakfast – Becky Roberts
Daytime – Kitty Lea, Paige Green & Cha Cha (debut)
Nighttime – Ashley Emma, Cali Garcia, Charlie O’Neal

27th August In Babeshows and History

1883 – Krakatoa volcano, west of Java in Indonesia (despite the film with the title “East of Java” ) erupts with a force of 1300 megatons, killing about 40,000 people.

2014 – Preeti & Paige Turnah See more of Paige’s content on Sexstation and Rampant TV

Preeti and Paige


Friday 27th August 2010
Breakfast – Sophia Lares & Cha Cha
Daytime – Alice Goodwin & Rachel Louise
Nighttime – Alice Goodwin (9-12), Dionne Daniels, Delta White & Mica Martinez

28th August In Babeshows and History

1963 – March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom – 200,000 people march and demonstrate in Washington D.C. for African-American civil rights and jobs.

2015 – Cali Garcia, Ashley Emma, Jenna Hoskins (BSX) Candy Sexton (BSX web)

Cali Garcia
Ashley Emma
Jenna Hoskins
Candy Sexton

2016 – Maddy Rose (BSX)

Maddy Rose


Saturday 28th August 2010
Breakfast – Becky Roberts & Cara Brett
Daytime – Dannie Low, Hannah Martin & Michelle Thorne
Nighttime – Michelle Thorne (Also appeared to do cheap phone sex on Xpanded)(9-12), Ashley Emma, Charlie O’Neal & Mica Martinez

29th August In Babeshows and History

1953 – USSR explodes its first hydrogen bomb.

2015 – Cali Garcia, Brookie Little (BSX)



Sunday 29th August 2010
Breakfast – Dannie Low & Sydney James
Daytime – Becky Roberts (12:00 – 19:00) & Paige Green
Nighttime – Becky & Rachel (Debut Nightshow Special 21:00 – 0:00), Charlie O’Neal, Hannah Prentice & Sophia Knight.

30th August In Babeshows and History

1146 European leaders outlaw the crossbow, intending to end war for all time.

So that turned out well.

2014 – giving adult phone chat was, Savannah, Lori Buckby, Caty Cole

Lori Buckby
Caty Cole

2015 – Cali Garcia, Brookie Little(BSX)



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Monday 30th August 2010
Breakfast – Dannie Low
Daytime – Kitty Lea & Sophia Lares
Nighttime – Cali Garcia, Sophia Knight & Danica (9:30 – 00:00)

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