Gleaned from the babeshow forum pages of ‘Babestation On This Day’ by M-L-L, we collect a weeks worth of classic history trivia and classic babe channel moments in pictures.

3rd August In Babeshows and History

1914 As last-ditch diplomatic attempts to avert war fail, British Foreign Secretary Edward Grey remarks
“The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”

Here’s Ella Mai from one hundred years later.

Ella Mai


On the phone sex lines

Wednesday 3rd August 2011
Morning: Hannah Martin
Daytime: Becky Roberts, Sammi-Jo, Vicky T
Nighttime: Adele Taylor, Ashley Emma, Caty Cole, Rachel Louise, Sammi-Jo (9-10)

4th August In Babeshows and History

1918 Adolph Hitler receives the Iron Cross first class for bravery, on the recommendation of his Jewish superior Lieutenant Hugo Gutmann.

From 2014: Savannah, Louise Porter and Ella Mai

Savannah Mai and Louise Porter



For cheap phone sex there was:

Thursday 4th August 2011
Morning: Emma Spellar
Daytime: Cara Brett, Gemma Hiles, Kelly Bell (6-9)
Nighttime: Charlie O’Neal, Kelly Bell (10-2), Mica Martinez, Rachel Louise

5th August In Babeshows and History

1675 Alexis, Tsar of Russia bans “foreign” hairstyles for those below the rank of nobles.

From 2014Preeti Young, Paige Turnah

Preeti Young
Paige Turnah

From 2016Lori Buckby, Lynda Leigh, Charley Green, Ashley Emma

Lynda Leigh licking Lori
Charley Green
Ashley Emma

Fun Fact: Preeti also appeared on Red Light Central 


Available for adult phone sex:

Friday 5th August 2011
Morning: Sammi-Jo
Daytime: Becky Roberts, Emma Spellar, Vicky T
Nighttime: Alice Goodwin, Caty Cole on 66, Charlie O’Neal, Lori Buckby

6th August In Babeshows and History



Saturday 6th August 2011
Morning: Becky Roberts, Fernanda Ferrari
Daytime: Cara Brett, Gemma Hiles, Hannah Martin
Nighttime: Ashley Emma, Caty Cole, Dionne Daniels, Hannah Martin (9-10), Lori Buckby

7th August In Babeshows and History

1888 Theophilus Van Kennel of Philadelphia patents the revolving door.

In 2014, the revolving door roster of the live babeshows included

Star of Brazzers, the great British pornstar, Sienna Day unleashed

Sienna Day

Maddy Rose

Maddy Rose


Paige and Ashley


Leigh Darby BSX web

Leigh Darby

Sexstation sex pot, Jada


From 2015 Beth


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Sunday 7th August 2011
Morning: Gemma Hiles, Hannah Martin, Sammi-Jo
Daytime: Fernanda Ferrari, Vicky T
Nighttime: Fernanda Ferrari (9-10), Lori Buckby on S66

8th August In Babeshows and History

1894 : Battle Creek Sanitarium, Michigan – John Harvey Kellogg and his brother Will Keith Kellogg accidentally invent “Corn Flakes” from some stale wheat mixture by forcing it through some rollers in the hope of still being able to make dough.
A patent is granted the following year.

Sadly though, the brothers fell out as the more commercial Will later started doing things like adding sugar, and running an advertising campaign offering a free box of cornflakes to any woman who winked at her grocer. (!)

Dr Kellogg had hoped the flakes would reduce indigestion, and because of his religious beliefs about sweet and spicy foods, that serving cornflakes to his patients would also reduce cases of “excessive sexual intercourse” and masturbation.

Speaking of which……

2014: Jada


Monday 8th August 2011
Morning – Vicky T
Daytime – Cara Brett,Fernanda,Melissa D
Nighttime – Adele,Ashley Emma,Charlie O’Neal, Xpanded‘s Paige Green

9th August In Babeshows and History

1173 Construction begins of the Tower of Pisa.
(It takes two centuries to complete, proving just how difficult it is to build-in a “lean” from the vertical on purpose.

Some wars and stuff may have actually caused the delays, but that’s just tedious detail. )

From 2014, Preeti and Jada (BSX)



Tuesday 9th August 2011
Morning – Melissa D
Daytime – Gemma Hiles,Vicky T
Nighttime – Caty Cole,Dionne Daniels,Paige Green,Rachel Louise

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