Thanks to M-L-L from the babeshow forums, we’ve got another week’s worth of images from the babe channels and historical trivia to fascinate and entertain you.

12th October in Babe Channels and History

1859 Self-proclaimed Emperor Norton of the USA issues an edict abolishing the US Congress.

From 2014, currently trending on the dayshow, Hannah C

babe channels

Tori Lee

babe channels

You may also recognise Tori Lee from Red Light Central

…and from 2015


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Preeti currently appears on Babenation nightshow

Jenna Hoskins

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2010 Studio 66 Schedule

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Morning – Anastasia Stevens
Daytime – Kate Darcy,Vikki Thomas
Nighttime – Cali Garcia, Delta White, Mica Martinez

Delta White was a big name in British porn back in 2010

13th October

In Babe Channels and History

1884 Greenwich in London is established as the World Prime Meridian of longitude, at a conference in Washington DC of 41 delegates from twenty five nations, by a vote of 22 to 1 against (San Domingo) with 2 abstentions (France, Brazil).

(The USA had already used Greenwich to establish its own national time zones, and in the late nineteenth century the majority of shipping trade already used maps and charts using Greenwich as zero degrees longitude).

In 2013, BS was experimenting with two zones at once with a meridian down the middle of the screen, thankfully this did not prove to be a permanent innovation….

Beth & Preeti split screen

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Beth & Brookie Little split screen

2010 Studio 66 Schedule

Wednesday 13th October 2010

Breakfast – Ashley Emma
Daytime – Cara Brett & Sophia Lares
Nighttime – Caty Cole, British porn star Danielle Maye & Hannah Prentice

14th October in Babe Channels and History

1066 Battle of Hastings, the Norman-French army under William Duke of Normandy defeats the English army of Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson.

Going into battle for BS from 2014 were…

Sami J unleashed

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Tori Lee

Ashley Emma

Paige Turnah

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Paige also appeared on Xpanded

…and from 2015, Ella Mai unleashed ….

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2010 S66 Schedule

Thursday 14th October 2010

morning: Sophia Lares
daytime: Natalia Phillips, Vikki Thomas
nighttime: Hannah Prentice, Hazel Bond, Rachel Louise

15th October

In Babe Channels and History

1815 Napoleon Bonaparte arrives on the island of St Helena to begin his exile.

In 2014, many BS viewers were doubtless wishing to be stranded on a desert island with….


Paige with Preeti

Their live babeshows would also be streamed on rampant tv, as it still is today

Tori Lee

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2010 Studio 66 Schedule

Friday 15th October 2010

Breakfast – Brooke
Daytime – Cara Brett & Hannah Martin
Nighttime – Caty Cole, Michelle Thorne & Jayde Jolie (Debut)

16th October in Babe Channels and History

1834 London – A fire destroys much of the medieval structures of the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament).
Charles Barry, with Augustus Pugin, wins the subsequent competition to reconstruct and expand the complex, with Gothic Revival style buildings. Beginning in 1840, construction will take 30 years, with neither of the two leading architects surviving to see its completion. (Interior decoration continues well into the 20th century).

On the phonesex lines from 2014

Tiffany Chambers

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Preeti BSX

Lori and Tiffany

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2010 Studio 66 Schedule

Saturday 16th October 2010

Breakfast – Becky Roberts & Cara Brett
Daytime – Rachel Louise & Sophia Lares
Nighttime – Ashley Emma, Caty Cole & Charlie O’Neal

17th October

In Babe Channels and History

1814 The London Beer Flood disaster, at the Horse Shoe Brewery, Tottenham Court Road.

9 people are killed when a 22 foot high wooden fermentation tank bursts, the blast opening several more adjacent vats and releasing a 320,000 gallon tsnumai of hot fermenting ale which collapses the back wall of the brewery and releases a 15 foot high wave of beer destroying many surrounding slum tenements and houses.

Some relatives of those killed exhibit the corpses for money.
In one house, there are so many visitors that the floor collapses, plunging all the visitors into a cellar filled waist-height with beer.

One victim dies of alcohol poisoning some days afterwards, a result of consuming too much of the free liquid accumulating in the streets and cellars.
The smell of beer persists for months in the streets.

Avoiding prosecution, as the accident is deemed “an Act of God”, the brewery company is also able to avoid bankruptcy by reclaiming the tax already paid on the beer from the government, as well as receiving compensation for the lost beer.

Wooden fermentation casks are thereafter phased out in favour of concrete vats.

In 2015, BS viewers were raising a glass to…..

Lynda Leigh on cheap phonesex BSX lines



babe channels

Beth BSX

…and from 2017, Jada BSX

Jada was also a big name on the Sexstation online channel.

2010 Studio 66 Schedule

Sunday 17th October 2010

Breakfast – Anastasia Stevens
Daytime – Becky Roberts & Vikki Thomas
Nighttime – Ashley Emma, Charlie O’Neal & Sophia Knight

18th October in Babe Channels and History

1867 The United States takes formal possession of Alaska from Russia, paying $7.2 million for it.

Looking for big spenders on the BS adult phone chat lines in 2014….

Jada BSX

2010 Studio 66 Schedule

Monday 18th October 2010

morning: Sophia Lares
daytime: Alice Goodwin, Becky Roberts
nighttime: Charlie O’Neal, Hazel Bond, Mica Martinez

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