Taken from the M-L-L made, babeshow Forum thread, ‘Babestation On This Day’, here’s a week of historical trivia and caps from the old school babeshows days of ten years ago featuring babestation tv girls, British phone sex operators, Pornstars and pervcam performers, before the days of the vibratoy.

1st March In Babeshows and History

1642 Georgeana, Maine becomes the first incorporated city in America.
(Later became York).

Here’s former Red Light Central babe Georgie Darby, who, some 372 years later, still (somewhat outrageously) hadn’t yet had a town named after her….

Georgie Darby

Check out her Georgie’s December Babe Of The Month interview here!

Thursday 1st March 2012 S66 Cams Schedule
Appearing for filthy adult phone chat:
Morning – Caitlin Wynters & Emma Spellar
Daytime – Anastasia Harris, Becky Roberts & Hannah Martin
Nighttime – Caty Cole, Charlie O’ Neal, Nikki Ryder, Sophia Lares & Victoria Roberts

2nd March

In Babeshows and History

1974 Grand Jury concludes US President Richard Nixon is complicit in the cover-up of Watergate.

41 years later, sexstation siren and BSX regular, Ella Mai also appears to be in some hot water, but failing to do any covering up successfully…

Ella Mai

Friday 2nd March 2012 Studio 66 Schedule

Morning – Anastasia Harris & Becky Roberts
Daytime – Cara Brett, Sammi-Jo & Vicky Thomas
Nighttime – Caty Cole, Dionne Daniels, Georgie Darby (Debut) Lexi Belle, Sammi-Jo (21:00-22:00), Sophia Knight

3rd March In Babeshows and History

1873 US Congress enacts the Comstock Law, making it illegal to send any “obscene, lewd or lascivious” books by post.

142 years later, here’s British pornstar and former Studio 66 TV babe, Paige Turnah with a snooker cue in the alleyway, being beamed into every household in the land.

Paige Turnah

Saturday 3rd March 2012 S66 Chat Schedule

Morning – Adele Taylor, Becky Roberts & Sammi-Jo
Daytime – Caitlin Wynters, Hannah Martin & Sophia Lares
Nighttime – Ashley Emma, Clare Richards, Lexi Belle, Lilly Roma & Paige Turnah


4th March

In Babeshows and History

1933 Henderson, DeSlyva, & Brown’s “Strike Me Pink” (later a film with Ethel Murman) premieres in NYC.

2016 big tit porn babe Maddie Rose is …err…. “in the pink” ?

Maddy Rose

Sunday 4th March 2012 Studio 66 TV Schedule

Morning – Anastasia Harris, Lucy Anne Brooks & Sophia Lares
Daytime – Adele Taylor, Fernanda Ferrari, Emma Spellar & Sammi-Jo
Nighttime – Clare Richards, Fernanda Ferrari, Lexi Belle, Mica Martinez & Sophia Knight


5th March In Babeshows and History

1836 Samuel Colt manufactures his first pistol, the 34 calibre “Texas” model

2015 brings us babestation daytime babe Hannah Claydon 32DD calibre “Wakefield” model
” Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”

Hannah C

Monday 5th March 2012 Studio 66 Live Schedule
Morning Caitlin & Sammi Jo
Daytime: Anastasia Harris, Eva Rose (debut; 10:00-1600), Hannah Martin (16:00-2100)
Nightime: Ashley Emma, Catherine, Moness, Rachel Louise, Victoria Roberts


6th March

In Babeshows and History

1921 Sunbury, Pennsylvania : Police issue an edict requiring women to wear skirts with a length to at least 4 inches below the knee

94 years later : former Studio 66 babe Lori Buckby is almost wearing an outfit.

Lori Buckby

Tuesday 6th March Studio 66 Schedule

For cheap phone sex
Morning: Emma Spellar & Hannah Martin
Daytime: Becky Roberts, Daisy Watts & Fernanda
Nighttime: Dionne Daniels, Gracie Lewis (debut), Lilly Roma, Nikki Ryder & Rosie Lee

7th March In Babeshows and History

161 AD Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius dies and is succeeded by co-Emperors Marcus Aurelieus and Lucius Versus, an unprecedented political arrangement in the Roman Empire.

So it seems only fitting that this post reflects this unusual sharing of power by multiple caps from the same evening in 2016.




Olivia Berzinc

Olivia Berzinc

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